Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A beautiful Bermuda day

The weather here changes almost as fast as in Calgary. It was cool and windy, then yesterday was nice, and today has been perfect. However, tonight a gale is blowing in. We don't expect to get outside much tomorrow. Today has been almost entirely outside.

I started with an early morning run down to the Martello fort just opposite the airport. It was a perfect temperature to run, and it warmed up a bit more. So nice to run in the warmth. There and back is about 9 k I'm guessing. I don't even know how long it took. Ran easy, enjoying the scenery. While I did a bunch of stretching yoga after, Linda went into town to pick up an anklet she had asked the artist to change slightly, and picked up supplies (wine) for tomorrow.

We hung out on the pool deck, chatting and enjoying the day, then wandered over for High Tea at the Bermuda Perfumery. Very nice! Here's a teaser for you.

From there we wandered through town towards Ft Catherine, and strolled this beach.

For the first time ever I saw someone relaxing there. It's a nice beach, just a bit isolated. Along the way we paused to enjoy this view. How could we not?

Once home again we relaxed some more. Here's Linda hard at it.

The wind has been gradually picking up, and as I write this it's getting strong enough that its not so nice to sit outside anymore. In a little while I'll go fire up the BBQ. Tomorrow is likely to be a day of writing, reading, playing with Snapseed, and stalking the intertubes.

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  1. Sounds wonderful and very nice pics too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. ok, and now with a shot of Linda in a hammock? Now that is just cruel!

    This was my favorite part: "and picked up supplies (wine) for tomorrow."

    Majorly jealous of you guys!


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