Monday, October 15, 2012

The iPad's new clothes

I managed to find the sweet spot in the pool today just as the swim club was leaving and before anybody else got in. The water feel was there right from the first stroke. Then it started coming apart on me about the half way point. Nothing major, just subtle things, except for flip turns. Those went from normal to awful. I struggled on and finished my K in 19 minutes, which is quite a bit slower than I had expected at the start. Then did some backstroke to cool down, for 30 minutes in the water. Overall felt pretty good even if it overall wasn't as fast as I would've liked.

It was another beautiful summer day out there today, almost 20° at lunchtime. I was out for a nice walk, and checked out the artwork in front of the Bow building.

It was still so nice after work, Linda and I went for a walk as soon as the furnace guy left. You might remember we installed a new furnace a year ago as part of the rebate program and it's been just fine. So they were supposed to come back and do a one-year check just to make sure everything is running right. This was only the fourth appointment booked. The first time they called back and said oh can you change your appointment, we are running a little late today. We booked another appointment and that day turned out to be a little bit cool, so they called to say we're running late emergency calls can we rebook please. We made another appointment and they called to say we're running late emergency calls again. That day it really was actually little bit below zero.

So we rebooked yet again and today they phoned with 45 minutes notice as requested. I told them fine, we will be there  at 10 to 5. At 30 seconds before 10 to 5 the company calls and says well we're here where you guys? Linda's on the phone as we're looking at our watches, and saying we'll be there in a few seconds, since we were almost home. We got home at exactly 10 to 5.

So we aren't best pleased with this company. They seem to do good work but it's been rebooked and rebooked and rebooked. Then to call us and yank our chain when it isn't even the appointed time! This has happened every single time we've had them come from getting the furnace installed to check afterwords and and now this one-year checkup. So then they wanted to us to buy into a service plan for five years of service and duct cleaning, at about three times the price of anybody else in town. Supposedly this gives you priority access to their scheduling. Since we were already on the service plan from buying the furnace, we are not impressed with what happens on a service plan. We can only imagine what it's like without one.

Or maybe, as Linda speculated, the people without a service plan are given priority since the company does NOT have their money yet, and they have to hustle to get it. The only consolation is that I wasn't taking time off work to be waiting for them. I'd have been livid if I'd missed out about 3 billable hours only to have them cancel. So that's done.  As we were coming in from our walk, I stopped and grabbed this photo.

Once back I got on my bike for a quick spin session. I'm actually on my bike this very moment talking to my iPad for a rough draft. I've only got a few minutes to go. I sure babble during dictation. This was just a nice easy spin to practice pedaling smooth just below where all the vibration and back fat resonance starts happening.  60 minutes, lots above 100 rpm in an easy gear.

The fun part of the day was just before we went out for our walk. My iPad cover arrived, 2 days ahead of schedule. Gotta like that.  I've got it dressed up; isn't it cute?


  1. That's one of my biggest pet peeves! I had the mailman leave a note on the door, "while you were away"... of course, people were home. He would have had to sneak up the driveway, past three windows, and then using ninja-like skills, gone back the way he came to leave the note.

    Your iPad case looks relatively rugged. I guess.

    Keep the cats away from it.

  2. I find a naked iPad very hard to hang on to. This case feels very sturdy, and the screen is much better than I thought it would be. Highly recommended so far. We'll only really know if I drop it, which I hope never happens. Mail people are tricky, sort of like buses.


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