Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lying Blogger stats

Every now and then Blogger goes crazy and puts stupid numbers on my stats. Look at this. Right at 4 pm my traffic went crazy, yet none of my posts show any corresponding increase in traffic. My other site meter didn't even show a flicker in traffic at all. So I think it's all a Blogger conspiracy to make me think lots of people are reading. Good thing I'm not fussed about it, and write this for myself. Are you guys even sure you're there, and not a figment of my imagination?

It's been a dank foggy week in Calgary. Very depressing. This is why I don't live in Vancouver. I like my sunshine. Tonight feels much colder than it is because of the humidity. Ick. My legs are feeling kind of cranky and didn't really want to go for a run, but I insisted. I told them I'd do a 2 K loop and see how they felt. It took every bit of that 2 K to get into the groove. I took it nice and easy, aiming for 7 minute K's, and got pretty close. For the first half of the run it was like I hardly needed to breathe at all. The last half I was working a bit harder, and was starting to get tired. I'd been thinking of going 8 K, but called it at 7 because I was starting to feel sloppy, and didn't want to ruin what turned out to be a perfectly nice twilight run. Oddly enough my hams and top of calf are grumpier about walking than running. Did a good warmup in the house, walked, ran, walked, and did some gentle stretches after. The ball rolling on the bottom of my feet felt really good. Really, really good.

Did I tell you all (figments that you are unless you comment) that I figured out the volume on the RunMeter app? There is the ringer volume. There is the application volume. But then while the announcement itself is going, you can play with the volume controls, and that's the one that seems to matter. I like the app a lot, but golly there are a lot of options, and controls, and settings. I would not be surprised if there's something I'd like it to be doing, if only I knew to turn it on.


  1. Your loyal readers are out here , Ketih. Never fear. And I agree that blogger stats seem a big wonky sometimes. There's probably an explanation for the numbers but I haven't figured it out yet. Glad you had a nice run. I haven't run since Sunday. Was home sick yesterday so decided I'd better lay low, and today the tale end of Sandy is walloping us with thunder, lightening, rain and wind. Hoping it will clear up enough for a short run tonight at least.


  2. Don't look directly at this comment, as I am really a figment of your imagination.... ooooo... eeeee... (*other spooky noisy*)

    Blogger does that to me, too, and then I wonder what happened. Sometimes it seems it's a legitimate spike through a sharing website, but often I think it's just manufactured. I also get linked from porn sites and random, unrelated websites that clearly have no link to the Seriously Really blog. Maybe it's Blogger's bored co-op students just messing with us.

  3. I call all of my blogging buddies "Imaginary Friends"... so you are perfectly welcome to call me a figment. :)

    I get hit occasionally by a spambot, and it invariably bumps my hits. I just go with it. It's better than believing that out of everything that I have ever wrote, the most popular post is about boobs.

  4. I love my readers, figments or not, but really love my commenters even more. I know they're real. If you're sick you have an excuse for not running, oh, and I guess hurricane remnants are a good excuse too...

  5. I like the bored coop student idea. So far as I know I've never had any links from porn sites. Just viagra.

  6. My most popular post is about boobs. Everybody loves 'em. Well, the most popular is a search algorithm but nobody actually reads that one. Well, not many, though there are some good comments on it.

  7. Oops. Sorry Keith. That's when I looked at your blog. I just have a very large presence.

  8. Hi Izzy, thanks for commenting! Always love when I get a new reader.


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