Friday, October 12, 2012

Glad that week is over

There's something very special about this post. It's the first one that's being done by voice. I'm actually talking to my iPad and letting it translate using the regular little microphone out down there on the keyboard. No special software Dragon Dictation or anything. So far the punctuation isn't working, but other than that it's actually pretty good.

So to get down to business I swam this morning. The water feel is back! I did 1 km in 18 minutes and 23 seconds which is really good and then did some kick and pull. That all felt pretty good, so I did some all-out sprint stuff. The first was 40 seconds for 50 m, then 44 seconds for the next one. I was starting to really feel my shoulders protesting so I stopped. 40 minutes overall.

I just lost a paragraph and can't remember what I said. I tried doing too much at once and didn't let it think, so I lost it. Hmmm, I used paragraph and it started a new paragraph. Maybe if I'd said period it would put in punctuation. I'll have to play with it.

What this might be good for is doing the first draft and then save it as a draft to edit on the computer  with mouse and keyboard because that's a little easier.

One of the hard things about the first time back into some apps is having to put in the password again. There are a few I use, and I have a method, but I've been thinking I need to generate a new set of passwords and go through all my various accounts. I know some people use an app for the passwords, but there's something about it I don't get. If the passwords are long and complicated, and I want to use a public computer for some reason, how do I get the password from the iPhone to the computer? Anyone have any experience on that?

I spent a bit of time looking at the difference between the two screens. If you look at curved text carefully you can see the difference, and with a sufficiently hi res photo I can see a difference. But if the bit depth isn't there the screen can't display it. Here's a pair of photos to see for yourself, though now it's getting filtered through an iPhone 4 camera, then Blogger's system, then being displayed on whatever screen you happen to be reading on.


  1. Well look at you, all tech savvy. Maybe you should come to CO and do a presentation for my 3rd graders. But, they bite.

  2. So cool! Voice recognition always feels like the future to me.

  3. 3rd grade huh. Not my first choice of an audience for a presentation. They probably know more than me about computer stuff.

  4. I have to play with it more, but I think from what I've seen so far, it is still the future.


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