Monday, October 8, 2012

A round up

Here's a couple things in no particular order, trying for a short update today.
We had the "real" Thanksgiving dinner today. The one yesterday was a warm up. Sorry, there will be no photo, I was too busy diving in.

One of my tasks was to update the insurance records of the library. These are the books and CD's we have acquired since the last time this was done.

Who doesn't love a photo of cats? Poor Curtis was just getting comfortable when Celina moved into and took over.

Hard bike workout this morning, 1.75 hrs. A bit of core and stretching first, since my intercostal muscles are feeling a bit cranky. Long warm up, gradually harder and faster. Some high rpm spin. Work set was 20 minutes at over 200 watts, then 2x5 minutes at over 250 watts with 5 minutes rest in between. Long cool down and stretching after.

Have you missed some of my recent blogs? All these except one are short, one is a rant, several have photos, and all are feeling the lack of reader love. Please help them feel more loved.

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