Sunday, October 21, 2012

A quiet weekend of cat photos

Those in the oil and gas industry are very familiar with the DLS system. When the foreman tells someone to go do something at the 2 of 18 site, they both know where they are talking about, or they should. Someone else might have to look at a map, because that will be entirely different from another area's 2 of 18 site.

In fact the whole system, in Alberta, looks like this. (prefix)01-02-003-04W5(suffix). I won't get into the whole system, but in my current world I care about the middle part of that, between the prefix and suffix. The problem is that there can be dozens of numbers in the prefix. I don't care about them, but they do complicate my life. In order to determine if a surface location is the same in two or more databases, one has to get them into the same format, meaning one has to strip off the prefix and suffix, so that you can subtract one database from the other. There are thousands of possible numbers. Let's just say there are a number of ways a nice little number system can get messed up.

So I was looking at a subset of 604 locations in database 1 that are not in database 2. Then compared to database 3, which by the time I got done massaging them into the same format and stripping out duplicates was reduced to 41797 locations. A database 4 was reduced to 2970 unique locations and you don't even want to think about the various formats involved.

After that it was child's play to figure out how many from database 1 that are not in database 2 are also not in database 3 OR database 4, as well as not in database 3 AND not in database 4. Fun. And you guys wonder why I like a big glass of wine when I get home, and am so happy to pound out a good workout.

Saturday was a rest day, puttering about the house. There was an awesome dinner with duck baked in beans with sausage. We started watching season 1 episode 1 of Game of Thrones mid afternoon. Wow. We got 4 episodes in and then called it a day. I think I heard Linda muttering "Drogo" in her sleep.

There are a number of cat photos to share with you because everyone loves cat photos almost as much as funny cat videos. And if you don't love them, say so, and I'll happily replace them with photos of me hot and sweaty on my bike. There, I thought so.

Celina teasing the camera.

This is Curtis with his "feed me, I'm a starving cat" look. That or he hasn't had his cat coffee yet.

This is a much more normal look for him, and the first time I've got a good shot of his eyes. He really does have the prettiest eyes.

There was a smoothie for lunch. I really have to get some milkshake straws. This smoothie had some Mayer lemons, an apple, a banana, a big chunk of pineapple, a couple of dates, and some ice. Very yummy, as you can tell from Linda finishing her glass.

After my bike workout I was doing some stretching and core stuff. Celina was trying to help. It's probably taking years off her kitty life, but she seems to like hanging around me after a workout.

The workout was 2 hours on the bike, watching Sherlock. Some endurance stuff, some high watt stuff, and some speed stuff. It all felt really good. The rest of Sunday was quiet again. We are looking at the Limited Edition wine kits, wondering what to order. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

And just because it snowed this weekend, here's a nice Snapseeded Bermuda picture. This was taken during a run along the road on the very north side of the islands.


  1. Ah lahk tha sleepy cat face.
    Somebody get him some Timmy's - stat!

    I adore your commitment to health. Stairs are currently winding me. And I've never been a runner.
    L-Kat is a runner now. OFFICIALLY. Very proud of her, too.

    I miss having cats. Schultz would totally try to eat one. :(
    It didn't snow in Vancouver, but it was essentially freezing last night. But the top o' the mountains had snow this morning and they looked beautiful.

  2. Cats are very hard to photography. There are an astonishing number of furry blurs as they turn away just as the shutter opens. Once you get feeling better and can conquer the stairs, go google "grouse grind". You'll love it.

  3. I want Curtis :) he's so cute....I love big orange cats. Rex would probably eat him though :(

    and you are such an inspiration.

  4. I'm a huge fan of big orange cats. Not sure how Curtis would fare against dogs, but he survived outside for a while before MEOW foundation got him. A previous big orange cat of mine (some readers might remember Sebastian, RIP) was totally the boss of the area around our house. I watched him chase off a big German shepard once.


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