Monday, August 27, 2012

Impressive fireworks

With several attempts now, I've come to the reluctant conclusion that if the iPhone takes good photos of fireworks, it's beyond my poor skills. It was an amazing show, one of the best fireworks shows I've ever seen. Yet the photos, even the best of them, are poor pale imitations of what I saw. However the video is excellent! I've tried to post it, really I did, but youtube is being pissy. It converted me to my real name rather than my blog name, which isn't a problem, I think. Can anyone suggest a web hosting service that is more friendly than Youtube? I'll try again when I've got more time.

Even with all the various cultural and food booths, and some of the food trucks, the longest line was for the mini-donuts. Gawd. Before the show. During the show, I read. And after the show. Just the thought makes me gag.

I've spent so much time pissing around with the video tonight I've run out of time to write about IMC, and the slight bit of core I did tonight.

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