Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A sanguinary evening

After the weekend swim meet at Talisman, I was left with slow, old, tired, and worn out water first thing on Monday. So it made for a slow swim. I didn't feel bad or anything, but the clock said I was slow. Oh well. Swam 45 minutes.

And look what came in the mail! Two sanguinary things. I recently ticked over 50 donations to the Red Cross. I hadn't realized they gave you a new donor card. I wonder if I can make it to 100 and see what comes then. And Sookie! Though I must say I don't like the cover photo especially. I'm now trying to remember how season 3 ended. Heresy though it might be, Jessica and Pam are my favourite characters. Hope there is more of them.

In other news monsoon season has started. I think I'll be back on the bike trainer tonight. Sigh. Here's a couple photos of the clouds rolling in, and maybe later I'll post a time lapse of them.


  1. There was some serious rain this morning, but it might not be so bad for an evening ride...

  2. I was going to get on the trainer tonight, really I was. But I got a chance to go be interviewed by some kitties to see if I will make appropriate staff.


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