Saturday, June 9, 2012

How are your wine eyes?

The weather here lately is not giving the bike love. At least not when I've been able to ride. I think I've been on my bike once since the May long weekend. Even though the forecast was not good, the sun was shining when I got up this morning. Lots of clouds when I looked out. When I went out I could see my breath on the air. Not a good sign for wanting to ride. While eating a bit of breakfast and slurping coffee I noticed a couple runners go by. That seemed like a great idea, to get a run done while it at least wasn't raining.

I was dressed and off fairly quickly. Once I got going it wasn't so cold. At the bottom of 24 St in the Fish Creek parking lot there was a huge herd of people milling around. Then just after I turned around I saw this mob heading for me. At first I searched my conscience to see what I had done to enrage so many people, but there were no pitchforks or burning torches. Just about 50 people coincidently out for a morning run. With a bike leader, and a herder/encourager in the rear. No idea what that was all about.

The run went pretty well, with a short period where I was channeling SUAR. At least Fish Creek has bathrooms, if you know where to look. I was back in almost exactly the time it took to go out, once I accounted for the involuntary seated rest. It was all at a nice steady pace, not working too hard. It rained just a little on the way back.

We were out at the Kingsland Farmer's Market to pick up a few things, and there were two food trucks there. The first, with the big lineup, was the Naaco truck. It's neo-retro Indian food. I love Indian food, but I have no idea what this means. Since we didn't want to stand in line, and Linda felt like yam fries, we went over to this one. What's funny is that seconds after he told us our order would be up in a few minutes, he waved at someone, and put some clamshells on the counter. Linda tried to take them. The guy they belonged to was looking at her with the most peculiar expression.

So here is one of the white wines I'm doing, the lighter one. This is before racking. The light is one of those little carbide wind up lights with 3 really bright LED lenses.

Can you see the difference? The second one is after racking. My eye can see a bit of haze in the carboy, so I'm going to let it sit and see if it settles out. These two wines have taken forever. Good thing I'm not in a rush.

The next pair is a darker white, almost an amber colour. Same situation, before and after racking. Oddly enough, even though it's much darker, there was much less sediment at the bottom, and it looks clearer. I'm still going to give it until tomorrow at least and see what it looks like. Bottling cloudy wine is a waste of time and wine.

This is a bit of an experiment. The movies I've put up so far have been on youtube. This one is trying a different system to see if its easier or what. This is a cloud time lapse, showing these neat bands of clouds rolling across the sky. I'd appreciate any feedback about how long it took before you could watch the movie, or if you had any problems. Not sure if it's going to give me a thumbnail. Click here, and you should get a movie. Hmm, it took a long time to upload, and seems to be taking a while to download. That's not so good.


  1. Poutine sounds like such a dirty word. I'd still try it though.

  2. I gagged when I was first told what poutine was. The only time I've had it was at a nice restaurant where I knew they did good basic fries, which are more rare than you might thing. I snarfed it down. It was good. I haven't quite dared to have it again.


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