Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Blog bullets

  • Swim, excellent!
  • Yoga, quite good.
  • Many cats. Choices are hard.
  • Working hard.
  • Woken up by really hard rain, high wind, wanting to photo hail if it happened. Not.
  • Running short on sleep.
  • Not running much otherwise. Some guilt there.
  • Feeling wine bottling guilt.
  • Getting the ironing groove back.
  • Mind blown by TED talk. (Google Juan Enriques - Will our kids be a different species? Very well worth your time!)
  • Ran cousin photo through Snapseed. Thinking about family.
  • Stampede prep happening, coworkers talking boots, and this:


  1. What do you mean by: "Many cats. Choices are hard." ???

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