Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Quickie swim

Now I have to get used to fitting in training around working again. Or working around training, whichever.

The pool was a zoo today and there was no waiting around for it to get better. My choice was swim in a lane with a slow breast stroker, or a guy that pushed off a kick set as I was getting in. I picked him. He was pretty fast doing pull, fast enough to pass me. He alternated kick and pull while I did freestyle, and it all worked out.

I was a bit worried about my shoulders. They were so stiff during my run yesterday that it was affecting my run. Part of the issue might have been that I was really trying to stand straight, work on my posture, and run from my core. It seemed like every few steps I had to try to relax my shoulders. Oddly enough, during the swim was fine, even though they are working a lot harder than during the run. Very strange.

Even though I had lots of time, I called it at the end of only 1K. The pool was still crazy and I could feel myself getting tired. I was trying to really crank the flip turns, and most of them went well. I'm finding there are some subtle breathing and stroke issues just before the wall. For almost all of it my form felt pretty good, though it was hard to tell with all the slosh and splash. 18:40 lungs working fairly hard, but arms and shoulders not so bad for most of it.

I'm not sure how this work thing will affect my blog. I still intend to write, but it might update at different hours, and I might find it more difficult to comment on blogs I read, or respond to comments on mine. I still appreciate all the comments. You might have to watch for updates, as I might not have time to put a notice on Facebook, if that's how you find my updates.


  1. It works mostly well when you post "blogged." Seems obvious enough. ;)

  2. I've had times where I go into a workout thinking I'll have to call it quits because of sore muscles or something feels like it's pulled. Sometimes I'm really surprised and it doesn't bother me at all once I get going.

    I try to avoid the breast strokers when I can. They take up too much of the lane. I've gotten kicked by them at times, even when I'm in the lane next to them.

  3. LOL "the pool was a zoo.". I hate crowded pools. Glad you made it work and you shoUlder didn't act up. Good luck with the new job. I'm dreading going back to work...

  4. It's always nice for the readers when I put a bit of a teaser on FB, to give them a reason to visit. Or not as they choose. I wonder how many people know how to get from fb to my blog if I don't put an actual link there? You didn't seem to have any problems.

  5. I did a 100 K ride once feeling great, after the first 5 K or so had my calves screaming and me wondering if I was going to make it home if I turned around. Figured I was in for a penny in for a pound, and Linda would laugh at me if I asked for a pickup from 22X and 37 St. All I can say is there ought to be a rule about breast strokers.

  6. You are working downtown again, yes? We need to do lunch again once you are settled.

  7. Yes, one building west of the Palliser. Lunch sounds like a great idea! Some place closer to your work this time, so I do the walking.


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