Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Seasons in Calgary are weird. Technically, spring was a while ago, since that's when the snow melted. Then we got first summer, several days of it. There are years this doesn't happen. Now we are getting plant spring. Many trees are in blossom, and it's very nice. Here's one that caught my attention in the cul-de-sac behind our house. We can actually see it from our back window, but this is a bit more dramatic. If we're lucky, we'll get another few days of summer in July and August, with some monsoon in between and not monsoon the whole time. Then comes the best and most reliable season, autumn. That can last from August to November.

Ran right after work, down into Fish Creek on my just under 8 K route. It felt really good, after a slightly clunky warmup. Then I nibbled a quick meal and we were off to yoga. Another great class. I don't know how F does it, giving us stuff that is exactly what I need for how I feel. Love it.

In other news, Linda made a discovery that assures our BBQ season will be a success. We got one bottle of his last year, and were very sad when it was done. This year she saw it, and grabbed all that was in the store. This, believe it or not, was their entire supply. For a year. It goes on bison burgers like you would not believe. And other stuff. mmmmm. I can taste them in my mind right now, which is making me hungry.

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