Sunday, April 8, 2012

A retro wine workout melange

The massage got moved to this morning after some other clients messed up their scheduling. Coffee and a massage is a great way to start the day.

Later, there was this.

That is the mess in the corner at the end of my workout mat. A while ago I recycled the cardboard boxes the wine bottles came in because I didn't think I needed them anymore and, well, there were a lot of them taking up space. As it turns out I should have kept a couple more. The boxes there are full of empties so the drying rack is put into service. In the top right corner you can see the two wine kits on the go that will fill some of these bottles, but it's going to be a few more weeks at least till they're ready. In the meantime, that corner has sort of turned into a dumping ground of stuff. It needs to be tidied up. Any time now.

One of my projects lately has been to repair, replace, or retrofit vapour barrier as needed in the basement, especially between the beams. This is tricky. At some point along the way I started looking at the cold air return duct, one side of which is pictured here.

Two things to note. It wasn't sealed up worth beans, and it's been like that since the house was built. I also had to wedge my head between the copper pipes, and reach up between the duct and a copper pipe to apply the sealing tape. This was just a bit tricky. You can see some nails poking down, and will no doubt be happy they did not puncture any skin.

More of the barrier was taped up, and I was going good till I ran out of tape. I'll buy a couple rolls tomorrow. Part of the problem in the first photo is that all that stuff will have to be moved so I can get to where I'll need to work on the vapour barrier on that wall. I'm also thinking of painting the concrete floor, and want to minimize the stuff moving.

Once that was done I discovered it was mostly a nice day, so I went out for an easy run, mainly trying to keep my cadence up and my feet light. There were lots of other runners out too, enjoying the brief bit of nice weather. Stretched, looking at the mound of stuff to be tidied, but I was thinking about my taxes. I put all tax related stuff into a pair of envelopes over the year, one for personal, one for business. Now the time has come to sort all the bits of paperwork out and create a summary for my accountant for the personal stuff. Business is next month. I should get a bit of a return, but not much. I dislike making the government an interest free loan of my money.

I've added a few more blogs to my blogroll. A couple are related to Alberta stuff, and are topical to the election. Some are workout blogs I've recently discovered, (Rose Runner and Running with Spatulas) and one that is my near-daily dose of crazy stuff. I never know what to expect of Mayor Gia. If you think my blogroll looks a little shorter than it used to be, fear not. I'm only showing the most recently updated 25, and there is a tiny little show all button at the bottom of the list to see it all.

In election news I was keeping mental tabs on the signs, and Carpay of Wildrose is way out in front in yard signs. However, there is a guy that lives around the corner from me that is industriously turning out signs for Rodney of the PC's.


  1. I think everyone has a dumping ground somewhere in their house. I have a few, and they are bigger then that corner!

  2. There are several others. I dare not photograph them.


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