Monday, April 2, 2012

Internet grrrrr.

Just the last few days using the internet has been extremely frustrating, on and off. For a while it would. Then it wouldn't. Would. Wouldn't. At first I thought it was my computer because the iPad typically worked just fine. After futzing around a bit I read of a DDOS attack on the main internet DNS. That would describe what was happening to me. Then late morning it all stopped and I could do what I wanted to do.

In the mean time I spent an hour in the pool this morning with almost nobody else.
1500 m in a hair less than 28 minutes, feeling strong, but not having to work too hard. That was a consistent pace throughout the swim.
Then a bit of kick and some pull.
7x 50 m on 60, aiming for sub 50 seconds, and stopped when I got over.
A bit of drill and some cool down.

We are at an awkward time of year here. Tuesday it's supposed to be nice enough for me to go for a ride outside, for the first time this year. However, later this week there is snow in the forecast. In the interest of saving some time and not having to struggle with the trainer tire more than necessary, I looked into getting another wheel. That way I could swap wheels, which is much quicker than swapping tires. However, that was much more expensive than I thought it would be. Much more. So I didn't. I'll take a look at the weather tomorrow, since it might change, and decide then.


  1. I may be a SoCal girl now, but I actually know what you mean about the difference (in both cost and effort) in changing wheels vs. tires, although I haven't had to even think about it in a pretty long time. I usually opted for driving in the snow tires for as long as possible (when I did have to think about such things), mostly because it was just easier.

  2. Go for it while you can!! Tomorrow it's supposed to be good. Gonna run from my current work site to daycare after work, see if I can get my running groove back.

  3. What's the weather like? It had been unusually warm here in Colorado up until yesterday when it wasn't. Now it's been overcast, windy, and cold! Ugh.

  4. I'm not sure I've ever driven on snow tires. Maybe a rental but I doubt it. I know you can get snow tires for your bike, and some of my neighbours use them. Not me.

  5. It's looking good! I'm planning to go down Road to Nepal, if the trainer tire doesn't struggle too much. Which building are you working in now?

  6. We've had a pretty weenie winter here. Lately it's been consistently warmer than average. There is no snow anywhere. People are starting to work on their lawns. (FOOLS!) The forecast is calling for snow a little later this week, but I want to get out on my bike.

  7. Centennial Place. I just ran with my Garmin after work from the YMCA to the YWCA - 1.3k. Took me just over 8 mins along the river. I'm feeling more confident now than I have been since the weekend.


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