Sunday, April 15, 2012

Good thing I'm not being marked on neatness

Friday, the day of doing NOTHING was great.

Saturday wasn't quite nothing, but there wasn't any workouts, unless you count some of the contortions to work on the vapour barrier as yoga. Stand on a chair or step ladder. Do chair pose so as not to bang your head on the nails holding the hardwood flooring down. Cut a piece of tape, then hold it at both ends. Reach over your head to apply it carefully to the edge of the plastic, sometimes reaching around pipes, ducts, beams, and not cutting your hands on aforesaid nails.

I've had a couple good days on that, making good progress. Half the battle is to remove all the crap on the floor or on storage units so I can get at what needs to be worked on. I found some tools that I haven't seen for a long time, and there's a lot of floor space open now that was occupied before. Let's not even talk about the feral and ferocious dust bunnies.

Some of you are old enough to remember the teacher telling you "neatness counts" on your assignments, meaning that your handwriting had to be neat enough to read. Which was always a trial for me, as my handwriting was horrible then and no better now. Kids now do it on the computer and print it. So easy. (In fact, parents of school age kids, do they print them, or do the email them? Or is it all done in a web app?) Still, there are lots of places where neatness does count in one way or another. Lucky for me sealing up the vapour barrier is not one of them.

This is a neat one. Some of the others are tape all over the place. I figure the tape is cheap, and use lots. Some of the adventures before I discovered the red tape were pretty horrible because that acoustical goop was involved. When I'm all done I'll probably use up any tape by going over the ones I did with the goop.

Saturday was also racking and stabilizing both the current wine kits. One of them had some neat filament stuff happening that I've never seen before. Sometimes as you degas and stir in the fining agent, you see "snow". It looks exactly like it's snowing inside the carboy. These were more murky. The kit with the filaments was a dark amber with lighter stranded clumps swirling around. It was really quite pretty. If people ask I'll post the video.

Even though it snowed on Saturday, I still went out to do some BBQ bison burgers, and they were really good. Then I went to bed early. I could still feel the fatigue in my legs so I figured a day of being active around the house would help them feel better.

Sunday, if I'd been really on the ball I'd have gone for a swim first thing. But I didn't. However I was down working on the vapour barrier some more. Then out to a pub for our book club meeting. The food was good, so it will be our new default location. It's in the same mall as the bakery with the best cheese buns in the city. Let me know if you're looking to join a very casual book club. Next book is An Unfinished Life.

Once home I finally got on the bike. A workout! I know my fans are cheering, wondering if I'd got off the workout bus for good or something. Not so! I've got a 5 hour spin-a-thon coming up, and I know Katie will be watching me to see if I weenie out.

Today was just a short ride though. Warm up. Then 3 hard 2 easy, with each hard being a bit harder, using gears or changing the trainer resistance. The first one was just below my old FTP, and I decided I would stop when I either couldn't complete the 3 minutes, or recover enough in 2 minutes to start the next one. I did 7 reps, ending up just barely finishing 270 watts for 3 minutes. I was panting and gasping. Heart was working hard but felt ok; I don't have a number. My legs were just barely on top of it. I was just beginning to be reminded of lunch. At the end of 2 minute recovery I was down to about 120 bpm and my legs and breathing were good, but there was no way I was going to try again. Did some easy spin work to flush out my legs, and called it a day at 75 minutes. Stretched afterward.

Now, the supper choice. The other bison burger, or a Chipolte Corn and Black Bean Chowder? Decisions decisions.

Oh, and I signed up for Calgary 70.3. Another race with my buddy Cath.

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