Friday, December 23, 2011

Something for everyone

Lots of stuff for the blog today; in one sense it's a bit of a catch up, since there's a photo from earlier in the week I want to share. But most of it happened today.

Here's that photo. I love Bosc pears. LOVE THEM!!! They are so juicy and have such an intense pear taste that I don't eat any other kind. Here's a photo of my adventure in eating the most recent one at work.

That was just a bit tricky, since I had to dry off my hand before digging the phone out of my pocket. Good thing I noticed the label before taking another bite. You have to eat these over a plate or dish or something, or else you have to wipe up all the juice after.

Except if I turn you all on to these pears there will be fewer left at Coop, I mean at the store we do our shopping. What I really meant to say was these are terrible. I don't know why I took a pic of it.

I'm on a swimming streak! Three times now in a week. Swam 45 minutes, with minor shoulder complains and tired arms. I'm beginning to think the water at Talisman is just a little thicker than the water in other pools. It can't be because I'm weak and feeble from being a swim slacker, can it?

My Facebook buddies know this already, but I discovered a new way to make coffee taste bad. After the swim, shower, change routine, I got a coffee on the way out. A muffin too, if you MUST know. It was good. What with juggling coffee, muffin, and swim bag, I sloshed coffee all over my hand as I was getting into the car. I licked it off my hand. Ick. I won't be doing that again.

Work was work, and I bailed out early. It was such a nice day! Pity so many drivers on the road were idiots. I was nearly hit twice. The geezers were out in full force at the Farmer's Market and Coop. Standing there, like they haven't been in a supermarket since wartime rationing. Still, I was calm, patient.

As I was carrying several bags of groceries and a bundle of flowers out to the car, my doctor's office phoned. They got the disc with the bone scan, and he wants to talk to me. Now I'm nervous again. It's tough to juggle bags, flowers, phone, and try to remember an appointment. I have been known to take a note while on (the old fashioned land-line) phone, hang up, and be unable to find the pen or the note. But I remembered this time. I might have to go look at the scans again.

Once home I realized how nice it was, and decided to run. Doctor's call and all. Yes, something I haven't done for a bit over a month. I let my legs decide how fast, and just tried to keep my feet light and turning over quickly. I ran 5 K in just over 30 minute, but I didn't start my watch, so I don't know exactly. Thorough stretch before and after, especially rolling the little ball on the soles of my feet. As of a few hours later my feet feel fine. If anything, my hip flexors are talking to me.

I found a great new app for the iPad. It's called Skitch, and lets you quickly and easily mark up photos, screen shots, maps, anything really. It's fun. You can put circles and arrows and text and other stuff in the starting image using your finger, and send it to twitter (like that does me a lot of good!), email it, send it to Evernote (and there's another app you should have) or save it back to the camera roll. Here's the first thing I tried.

Which is more or less the route for one of my 5 K runs. The one I did today in fact. That blue dot isn't quite where we live. It turns out a finger is a bit big and hides what you're looking at, so if I was going to do a real version of this I'd use the stylus. I'll probably spend some time playing with this over the next 4 days of not working.

I'm sure liking the trailer for The Hobbit, and Prometheus.

Zite is another app on my iPad I look at a lot. There are some delightful surprises every now and then. Here is one.

I guess you'd have to be a fan to know that one in the middle of the bottom row is a blog I follow, SUAR. I love it when she posts a new one, since you never know what you'll get. Even more so than me, versatile as I am.

As a follow up to the rant about the medical system still being in the medieval era, I got a note from the doctor that ordered the bone scans, (not the family doctor that wants to talk to me). Things aren't as bad as they seem. In fact there is such a system. I also got a note from a blog buddy indicating she had used that sort of system here in Alberta. There's just a peculiar circumstance here in Calgary.

I just finished the Red Green book, How to do Everything. So true. So much good advice. Guys, get it, and don't let your significant other read it. The book I just started is Packing for Mars by Mary Roach, all about the various adventures with gravity. Very interesting.

Linda is watching the Borgias. Someone just sassed the pope and interrupted him twice. I predict he won't be alive long.

Tonight is the start of 4 days off. Yahoo! That photo of Tannat wine on my Facebook page? All gone now.

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