Friday, December 2, 2011

My inner shark pays a brief visit

It was Warrior Wednesday at yoga. My legs were tired afterward, but it was what they needed after the tough spin on Tuesday. I think I fell asleep during savasana.

Thursday I came home from work just beat. I'm not sure why, but I sure didn't feel like getting on my bike. My legs were tired in a way they haven't been for quite some time now. It's a good feeling in a way, but since I don't have a coach exhorting me these days, I had that second glass of wine.

Actually, I do know why I came home feeling all beat up, but that's ok. None of you want to read about work.

This morning I was up early, ready to swim. The only problem is that none of the pools in the City are open at 3am. Why is that? I suspect a centrally located pool open all hours would do steady business in the night. Lots of athletes work weird hours and would love to swim when most people and all children are asleep. Either that or are DRIVEN athletes (and the ones reading this blog know who they are) who want to get their fix. I wonder if you'd be allowed to operate a pool that had no lifeguards during off hours, and relied on video surveillance of the pool for security.

So I had to wait around till 5:30. Oh, the agonies of early morning Facebook, blog reading, dealing with email, and deciding what wines to make next year. I will have to consult with TOIC, whom I think has already made her choices, but I'm leaning towards the Spanish Toro, Australian Shiraz Voignier, Argentine Torrontes, and an Italian Nebbiolo.

We froze our asses off waiting for them to open the door. Usually the outer door is open, and we can wait in the vestibule till the appointed hour. Today it was outside, and they were late opening the door. There were some grumpy comments from the small horde, but we were amused by watching someone take 5 runs at a parking spot, in a completely empty section of the lot.

The swim was good. 45 minutes swimming, and another 15 in the dive tank doing core and stretching. The water feel is coming back, and I'm getting back to my old cruise speed again. Pity it doesn't last long. There's a couple guys that split a lane and do the same workout, and go pretty good. I used to be able to keep up with them, but can't quite, yet. During the pull set my inner shark showed up briefly to swim along, then went off to where ever it is that inner sharks go. He's glad to see me back in the pool.

Tonight has the potential to turn into a bit of a runaway. My office roomie's work term ended on Wednesday, and her NON-buyout is tonight. I know most of the people coming, and it could be good. Who knows, I may end up making a midnight visit to Tubby Dog.


  1. I am pretty sure you will never catch me working out at 3am!

  2. Lets ask again in a few months, shall we? I haven't yet, myself, but there have been several times I've been awake and seriously thought about it.

  3. By my standards it WAS a runaway, but it all ended well. This is the first time in many, many, MANY years I've sat in a bar and drank and chatted and laughed and had fun. 4:30 to just past 10 pm. That's a late night for me, and this morning I feel like I raced a hard 10 K yesterday. Good otherwise.

  4. I love watching people flub their parking jobs. Is that cruel?

    And did I hear you say "the agonies of deciding which wine to make next year?" I sure hope not...:)

  5. I sooo can't get up at 3a to workout. I barely made it out the door for a run at 7am this morning!

    And if you need anyone at all to test out your Italian Nebbiolo, I'm your gal.

  6. It was agony, it was! We figured ordering 4 kits was about right. But there are about a dozen and a half kits available. Choices choices choices...

  7. I'm often up early, so it's no hardship. Funny, there are lots of people willing to help test out the various wines, but how many of them come over to help clean bottles?


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