Wednesday, December 28, 2011

First movie of 2011

Up early this morning. Crappy sleep. No idea why. I was headed towards the pool by 5:45, and in the water by 6:15. Swam 45 minutes and did some stretching and core. Somehow my swim is working my low back in ways I don't remember. Water feel is coming back, now if only the swim muscles in my back would get with the program.

Quiet day at work. I get to break in a new office roomie on the 3rd, but it shouldn't be too bad. Got lots done in the peace and quiet, and left early. It's weird to be coming home in daylight.

From there we wanted to run some errands, and we ended up at the new Sherlock Holmes movie. We quite enjoyed it, though the price of the tickets was a bit of a gasp. I'm almost positive this is the first movie we saw in the theatre in 2011. Mostly we are rent the DVD kind of people.


  1. We saw Sherlock Holmes this week too. Enjoyed it. Though, I'm getting old. I'm used to watching movies at home as well, and my first thought when it started was "wow! that's way too loud."

  2. That's one of the reasons I don't see movies in the theatre very often. They turn the sound up so loud it's sometimes painful. Plus at home one can stop and stretch and snack and pee when needed, and even better, your feet don't stick to the floor from the spilled candy and pop.


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