Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Swim camp

Once upon a time I thought I could swim pretty well. Thinking back, I was young and strong, and was powering through the water. Then I didn't swim for a long time. Then I started again. It took a long time to come back. Then November 2009 I got a chance to get my swim stroke video taped at a Mercury Rising swim camp. Here's the story. Part 1. Part 2. Followup. Then January 2011 there was another camp. That blog has some video of the bike session.

I am completely serious in saying these camps were key to my swimming faster. Sara, Clint, and Carrie put on a super camp, and I highly recommend it if you want to improve your swim. Something about actually seeing your stroke, warts and all, has an enormously motivating effect. Here's a link to check out the details.

We're waiting for the snow here. Rain, turning to freezing rain, followed by 10 cm of snow, winds gusting to 70Kph tonight and tomorrow morning. The drive into work ought to be entertaining, crossed with terror.

While waiting for the snow I got on the bike.
30 minute warm up, with some speed work and technique focus.
45 minutes 2.0 watts per goal Kg at 88 rpm. Standing every now and then to give my butt a break. Sweating like a stuck pig, breathing pretty good, heart rate about 132 to 135 bpm. Toward the end it was getting harder, and really had to focus to maintain the output, but I ended strong, with the last 3 minutes picking up the rpm, and for the last minute going one gear harder and picking up the rpm. It felt really good.
15 minutes cool down and easy spin. Stretched a bit after.

I think I'm at a place where I need to stay for a little while, pushing these watts till it gets a bit more comfortable and I can go a bit longer. Then up it a bit. Some of the sets will be more intense, to start getting my legs ready for it. Really pleased with the bike progress.


  1. SIGN ME UP!!! Oh wait, this is swimming?! Nevermind...

  2. I'm not into swimming but I'll pass this post on to Kris to see if he is interested.

  3. Plus it's here. Which would be a bit of a commute for you. Wait! You could run, that would be pretty quick.

  4. Just looked outside. It doesn't look too bad here. Next, I'll try that with my glasses on.

  5. Thanks for posting about the swim camp, Keith! All that plus free coffee, strange encounters of the hot tub kind, and new friends. LOL!! :)

  6. I will always remember our hot tub marriage!

  7. It was nice in the afternoon, hope you had a chance to run or walk tonight!


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