Monday, November 28, 2011

peaceful swim groove

Once again it was a quiet Monday at the pool. Maybe because people were busy picking up after the windstorm yesterday that qualifies as a hurricane. The LRT wasn't running through downtown, which turns the whole LRT system into something that starts with cluster and rhythms with truck. It is very, very good at doing this, much better than moving people, which is the ostensible purpose of the system.

Meanwhile, I was having a peaceful swim. I wasn't thinking about time or pace or stroke count or any of that. I was thinking about renewing my friendship with the water. Learning to feel it again. Working on my body position, and trying to get streamlined again. Trying to make my flip turns elegant and tight, rather than a frothing sloshy sloppy mess. It all went pretty well. Warmed up. Did some dolphin kick with fins, and did lots of pull. This really helped get the feel of my stroke back. I think I've been letting my legs droop a bit. Only a half hour.

Much as I'd like to go for an hour or so, I'm not quite there yet. Soon. Maybe. Which is something I'd better work on, if I want to start swimming at Talisman. That's much more convenient to downtown, but as always, there's a problem. I always swim in the fast lane at Renfrew, and I can count on the fingers of one hand the regulars that swim faster than me. That will sooooo not be the case at Talisman.

That darned Facebook! One of my buddies posted a video of my favourite band, which I hadn't seen, so I had to watch it. And then a few more, then some faves from the late 70's, and a few more from fairly recently. They're still so good. I wish I'd gone to see their Sgt. Pepper show in Vegas when it was on. I am speaking of Cheap Trick, of course.

Once I got that out of my system, for now, I went down for a brief, but intense core session. Included plank and pushups and other stuff. I decline to state how long, or how many. Let's just say that some of my lower core muscles weren't quite with the program the way I'd like them to be. And sadly, that's not because I ate too much over the weekend. It's because I've been a slacker.


  1. My husband (who works downtown) coincidently worked from home today. Turns out, he was able to put in a way longer day then anyone else in his workplace.

    Nice swim!

  2. But think of all the exercise he missed out on, having to walk instead of taking the LRT! lol. I wish I had the option of working from home.

  3. Happy that that crazy windstorm actually avoided the Pass for once...

  4. I was wondering if you had been blown away. I've never seen such wind up here. Even though it wasn't that cold out I decided not to run in it. My running gear doesn't have enough pockets for the number of rocks I'd have needed.

  5. Cheap Trick?! Like, of the 80's rock era? I saw them a few years ago.

  6. 80's!! I loved them in the 70s. Lost track of them for a long while, but rediscovered them when I was looking for good tunes to spin to.


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