Saturday, November 19, 2011

It was easier to keep going

Some of you may have noticed my comments are looking a bit different. I had always liked how Wordpress did comments, with the ability to reply. Then Leana found Disqus. There was a brief moment of panic during installation, in that I thought my existing comments had all gone to Never-Never Land. But all was well.

Mostly I'm liking it, especially being able to reply to comments. Most of the time the indenting shows which is a reply. When I reply on the computer, I show as Keithcartmell since that's what I gave as my ID. But when I reply on my iPad, even if I'm logged in, I have to use my email address, so I show up as keith. Or as Disqus. I have to put in my name and password for each comment. I'll have to work on that a bit more. Maybe Disqus isn't as iPad friendly as it could be.

There have been a couple of times where the indenting hasn't worked, but that could have been my bad in replying. It offers lots of choices about comment controls, profile management, and letting you know who is commenting. There's probably other things it will do that I haven't discovered yet.

I was feeling a little bit creaky this morning. Not sure why I didn't sleep well. We had a lazy Saturday morning, though it was a bit frosty getting the morning papers. I wasn't sure what I was going to do for a spin session, even as I was getting on the bike.

It turned out to be:
20 minutes warmup, including one leg drill and a bit of speed work
10 minutes 1.7+ w @ 85 rpm, getting a nice sweat and completing my warmup
3 minutes easy
25 minutes 1.9 w @ 85 rpm. This was one gear harder, and I got totally into the groove.
7 minutes easy, mopping off all the sweat
5 minutes 2.2 to 2.3 w @ 85, one gear harder.
5 minutes easy
15 minutes 1.8 to 1.9 w at 90 rpm
15 easy spin and cool down.

That 25 minute segment? It went by in a flash. I've had this swimming, where I'm in the groove, and it's easier to keep going than to stop. That's what it was like here. I didn't know how long I could maintain that power output, but was hoping for 10 to 15 minutes. But at that point I was wondering why I should stop, so I didn't. This is a first for being on the bike. Sweating hard, standing every now and then, breathing good. Legs felt great. Progress is happening. Love it.


  1. I think you and Leana need to encourage people to sign up for Disqus profiles. The one thing I don't like about it is that you can't click on somebody's name and see their blog, like you could for most of them with the blogger default. When someone says an interesting comment, I like to see who they are. I signed up for a profile, and it was super easy, and if more of your readers did that, I could click on them!

    Nice job on the spin!

  2. Good point! That is how I found many of the blogs I like to read. Many of my commenters are listed in my blog roll, but that is one more step, rather than just a click. Now I need to go and see how my comments appear on Leana's blog...

  3. There, I think I fixed mine, anyways.

  4. The problem is that I rarely look back at a post and the comments. I prefer to get an email reply. That being said if someone else asks a question it's nice to see the answer in the comments rather than having to ask the question again.

  5. Hmmm. I wonder if I can trick the system into doing that as well, rather than have to do the copy paste thing. But if you know that I'm going to be commenting, maybe you won't mind coming back to visit a day later...

  6. Maybe you should just switch to Wordpress. All the cool kids are.

    I"m really just looking out for you best interest...

    It's just a pain for you to have several accounts just to reply to someone on your own blog the way you want! Ugh

  7. I thought about that. Then I read a bunch of stuff about how hard it was to port all the blogger stuff over. And I didn't want to start over from scratch. I'm glad someone is looking out for my interests.

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