Monday, November 21, 2011

Ineffectual fluke waving

That was me in the pool today. I'm glad it was almost empty, so nobody could see how slow I was swimming. If that's what you want to call it. Or how little of it I did before hitting the hot tub. That's what I get for not swimming for almost two months. Still, the first time is always the hardest. I love the hot tub at Renfrew.

Spin this evening for 1.5 hrs. Mainly working on 90 rpm or so, trying for a reasonable watt output, but not trying to kill my legs. Stretched after, and did a little bit of core.

I was a total slacker yesterday, with IMAZ on in the background I mainly read and surfed all day. After sleeping in, and before going to bed early.


  1. My fluke is now waving at your fluke! Hi fluke!

  2. As your flukes power you past mine in a swoosh of bubbles and foam.

  3. Swimming is the hardest to get back into. Don't beat yourself up about it. Esp when you had better things to be doing, like stalking IMAZ. Looks like they had great weather this year!

  4. It was fun being a total slacker and living vicariously through others for a day. For a long time the swimming was good, and the bike and run were hard. Now it's the other way round. I call that progress.


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