Saturday, November 12, 2011

A brief moment of panic

The much anticipated snow never arrived. It was a actually a nice morning, though it clouded over during my spin session. I was down into the basement in good time, after coffee, newspaper, and breakfast.

Easy warmup for 20 minutes. I've pretty well got myself calibrated on watts, and this was to test it out. The watt numbers are watts per Kg for my goal weight.
20 minutes at 1.7. Breathing easy, legs liking it, heart rate low 120's, light sweat. The limiter here is how long my butt will hold out. 5 minutes easy pedal.
15 minutes at 1.8 Working harder, heart rate high 120's, moderate sweat. Could have gone longer. 5 minutes easy.
10 minutes at 1.9. Working hard, not quite maintaining 1.9, breathing fairly hard, legs feeling it, sweating a lot. 5 minutes easy
10 minutes at 1.8, having to concentrate on staying up to the mark, then 5 easy
10 minutes at 1.7, feeling relaxed, legs feeling tired.
15 minutes easy spin cool down.

That should be 2 hours of good solid bike workout. You have no idea how happy I am about this, after so many crappy painful bike workouts last year.

I've noticed it doesn't take much variation in cadence to produce a bit of a swing in the watt numbers. Keeps me honest. My plans now will have the warmup building up to 1.5 watts or so, with the last bit at 1.7. Then get stuck into learning to put out 1.8 watts consistently, with some time at 1.8 and 2.0 to build intensity.

I really appreciate reader comments, and have been responding to them more by commenting myself. However, the original blogger format just sucks for that. Leana (note the new URL) found Disqus, which is essentially a comment engine that plugs into many blog platforms. It looked neat so I installed it. The brief moment of panic was when it looked like all my comments had been eaten, but there is an import feature that took about 15 minutes to run. So you can look for me to respond to all comments now.

Thanks for the comments on my foot question, if you haven't commented yet, feel free to do so.

It looks like I had to open up comments to everyone to have it work properly, so I may have to start filtering out the spam again. I think I've got it set that people can flag suspected spam, and it sends me an email.

Oh, and here's a recent sunrise, just because.


  1. I was going to email you about the import feature but I didn't get a chance. Pretty easy install otherwise, eh?

    Gorgeous sunrise!

  2. Yes, it was pretty good. I got sidetracked a bit wondering if I had the proper layout, since I hadn't changed it since I started blogging. My heart was certainly going pitter patter when I first looked at my blog and realized 4 years of interaction was gone. Some of the comments are better than the blog itself. But it all turned out good. They could tell people about it up front, or make it part of the install process.

  3. The snow is here all right. BOO! But the bears have eaten their fill -- I think they've plugged up their bums and are sleeping now. The deer and the birds are eating the crab apples now! :)

  4. Thanks for posting on FB re the lack of snow on Friday night... saved me from getting out of bed and checking for myself!

    Gorgeous sunrise!

  5. I would very much like to see a video of the bears eating your apples. Not that I doubt you or anything, I just like bears. Trade you video of the bison.

  6. Always helpful, that's me! I gather this means you are admitting to checking fb from bed. But, for now, this falls in the "cutting the pregnant lady some slack" category.


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