Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Yoga brutality

I think Fiona is trying to make up for starting us off easy this term. Either that or she is really optimistic about the progress we've been making, and what we're up for. Tonight's class was really hard, even if it didn't have any side plank. But it did have Tree. And then Folding Tree, or as I think of it from my experience, Tree Toppling in High Wind.

What it also had was Warrior 1 out the wazoo. Exulting warrior. Triangle. 5 pointed star. Side body. Cross body. Various lunges. And some variations along the way. Chair, then chair with legs crossed ankle to knee. There was a fun little pose where we used an orange block to prop up our hips, and then fold our knees to our chests to relax. Sort of like an upside down Child Pose.

Which, as I think I've said before is the hardest pose for me. I can't relax, I can't breathe, I feel all constricted, and want it to stop. So I don't do it anymore. Both Fiona and Helen think it's just a bit perverted of me, and unnatural.

I was beat by the time Savasana rolled around, and yet couldn't relax. I'm thinking of a Sharepoint process I'm designing, and need to talk to SJ about if it will do a particular thing that will be handy. Rather, will it do that without doing a lot of programming and add ons.

Plus, I was thinking about my workouts over the next few days, and wondering if I can get myself up to the max hours I'm allowed to bill by staying a bit late and then running home after work one day. Like tomorrow, or maybe Monday at the latest. I've ridden home from downtown any number of times, and have a couple routes depending on how I feel. I'm just not sure how the shortest of them would work for running, being not entirely sure if there is sidewalk in certain places, and if the construction on Elbow Drive right near one particular bridge would mess me up.

So, I had an unquiet mind during Savasana, so it's no surprise I had an unquiet body. I was also thinking about how my hip bones were pressing into the mat, and how my hip flexors were not relaxing. That's a lot of thinking, isn't it?

Do you ever have times when you can't stop thinking? Your mind goes around and around, like the gerbil in Susi's brain, and no hookah pipe in sight? I find the only thing that works for me is to start writing down the various thoughts, especially the to do's. Once I do that I stop thinking about them. What do you do to quiet your mind? Besides drink wine, of course.


  1. Yeah, I try really hard not to think of anything when I'm doing yoga, coz it does mess up my yoga (and it regularly gets messed up a lot on its own).

    When I can't stop thinking, that's when I find I have insomnia, which sucks completely. I end up watching TV, playing video games, doing laundry, even cleaning house (quietly of course).

    Maybe I'll try drinking wine next time. ;)

  2. Certainly not one to ask as my "unquiet mind" has cost many nights of sleep, upset stomachs, etc through the years. It was awful during both pregnancies as I thought (read: worried) about my job, my baby, my life after baby, etc. I IM'd with a friend that lives in Australia (which made my 2 AM chats reasonable) some nights. I also write my to-do list so that I can "attack the next day" and feel like I made progress. But sometimes - when it is more of an "emotional" unquiet mind - there is nothing to do but pray for peace in my mind and heart. Did this a lot over the last year+ (since I lost my dad). I hope you got everything worked out in your mind and can find some peace next time you are twisting your body like a pretzel.

  3. I hate when I can't get my mind to turn off!

    If I really can't sleep, I will get J to run through some relaxing yoga breathing techniques (get your mind outta the gutter- that wakes me up!). It usually works! Nowadays, I just put my head on the pillow and I am out!

  4. just breathe...

    and repeat various mantras. :)


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