Friday, October 21, 2011

Lets see

This photo. The one with the funny blodges of light. What I was trying to do was take a photo of the blank concrete wall outside office. There were interesting reflections of light on it, from my office buildings. I was thinking of making a time lapse movie to see how the light patterns changed during the afternoon, and figured I'd try a regular photo, just to see what happened.

You'd think the light reflections would be rectangular to match the windows, but no. I guess the glass is subtly warped, and the concrete surface probably isn't any too flat, leading to the odd shapes of the reflected light. I'll still try to get a time lapse movie done.

There are some interesting mirror effects here. My desk is closest to the office window, and the window is to my left. All I did was turn to look out the window, put the camera near it, and take a picture of the light reflections. The concrete wall looks a lot closer than it is.

Now, take a closer look at the photo. You can see my wedding ring where it always is, on my left hand ring finger. How on earth am I holding on to the camera? It's a mirror image. Somehow, the photo sort of looks like it was shot from outside the building, but it's really a mirror image. I really don't know how I got the sense of depth, since the phone was right up against the glass.

Wednesday was totally blah. I didn't even go to yoga. I iced my wrist and went to bed early. Probably best for my co-workers.

Thursday morning was a swim on the way to dropping the car at the service shop. The swim felt kind of clunky. It's like odd bits of me were poking out in to the water. This was not a smooth swim, but it was better than the big guy in the next lane gently waving his flukes. With fins and hand paddles, and working at it, he was still moving too slow to share a lane with. The girl in the next lane was cooling down so I shared with her. After 20 minutes and some stretching, I was into the hot tub. After work was picking up the car and going for dinner at the Clay Oven. Then bed shortly after.

Friday was back on the bike for an hour. Lots of warm up, as I was feeling kind of heavy and plungy pedalish. Meaning I wasn't spinning as smoothly as I'd like. During warm up I worked on that, and periodically throughout the spin. 2x10 min at a comfortably hard pace, one I could maintain longer than 10 minutes, but I'm still training my butt for the saddle time here. I think I've got the watt readings dialed in now for how hard I want to be working. Some easy spin, but it was still feeling clunky and I didn't want to push it. Bed fairly early, and hoping to sleep in tomorrow.

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  1. Did I miss something? What happened to your wrist? Hope you're ok.


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