Sunday, October 16, 2011

First KBRCC of the season

Katie's spin classes are lots of fun. She keeps it moving and there's lots of good stuff. I'm still figuring out where my fitness is, trying to match up effort, watts, breathing, heart rate, and how my legs feel. Once I get dialed in I can start building.

We rode 1:45, with a good mix of stuff. My legs are doing well so far, no complaints from my knees, and I pushed fairly hard today. Then a 20 minute T run. My legs felt a little bit heavy throughout this, but moved well enough. Then the dreaded core, starting with 15 pushups. Sheesh. And plank. My fave of all time. Yeah.

Just for fun, here's a couple photos of the sunrise when Linda was taking me to work on Friday. No I wasn't driving. The sky was actually a little bit grayer than the photo, but the contrasts were just as dramatic.


  1. Absolutely stunning pics! When that sun comes up it is quite blinding, eh?

    You did 15 pushups?!?!?! Keith! That is so awesome!! The plank...LOL.

    I still remember that swim camp where the first thing your team had to do was the plank. LMAO -- the look on your face was priceless. Hahahaha!!

  2. Came for the photos. Not disappointed.

  3. Beautiful pics. It's almost like you know what you are doing with your cameraphone.

  4. It is hard to believe that we are back starting up spin classes. Stunning photos!!

  5. Great pictures!

    Is that the Sunday morning brick class at tri-it? I'd like to do a spin class this fall, but I don't think I can make any of them fit into my schedule every week. I was thinking about doing a few different ones as drop ins. Do you know if there's extra room?

  6. If you think I did 15 pushups we need to go talk about this nice bridge I have for sale...

  7. The sunrises have been gorgeous lately!!!

  8. I love spin class! Unfortunately, mine are only for an hour each. Boo.

    By the way, thanks for commenting a couple time about the shiftwork thing. I'm so looking forward to working regular hours and really hoping it makes a big difference to my energy level and immune system!


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