Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Yahoo for swim mojo!

I think my swim mojo has been off at the shark vacation resort. But it was back today. After the amazing shoulder massage yesterday, I figured the swim today would either be very good, or very bad. It turned out good, which is good.

There was no rush to get into the water. I appreciated being back at Renfrew, and chatted briefly with a buddy that has done several ironman races, very quickly. He's just off from foot surgery and has just been cleared to swim. Biking and running will be a while.

After a few strokes with no complaints from my shoulders, or anything else, I relaxed and got into the groove. The guy in my lane was really good about letting me past. I think he was trying to draft but that didn't last long. This was nice, I was back about 21 strokes per length again and feeling relaxed in the water. 500 m was 9:30, 1K was 19:20, and 1.5 K was 29:25. The very last couple laps got a bit sloppy, and I totally blew a flip turn.

But still, last week it was a struggle to get the 20 minute K, and this week, going that few seconds faster per 100m felt easier. I know my stroke was better, and I wasn't working as hard. Funny how that is. Improvement is happening.

Nothing else, just the straightforward swim, thinking about my elbows. I think I need to get back to doing my flip turn exercise. They are very sloppy right now.

Totally by accident I missed another night of LRT shenanigans. They closed closed down part of LRT avenue right before rush hour because of a gas leak, stopping train service completely. At least it wasn't another case of suicide by train. Meanwhile I was in a bar having drinks and networking courtesy of the company I contract through. Chatted lots to my buddy Sean who is now at BP, and one of his current co-workers, who knows some of the people I used to work with. Small world some days.


  1. Yay for the shark!

    My husband got stuck in the LRT shenanigans...

  2. We weren't able to get a parking spot at the train station yesterday morning (@ 6:45am??) so we had to drive downtown. Good thing or else we would have been caught up in the shenanigans!


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