Monday, September 26, 2011

The massage workout

An entire hour working on my shoulders. I've never really had my muscles twitching and jumping like that. It's a distinctly odd feeling. Normally I get worked on all over, but I really needed the shoulders, especially the left. oooh. Can't wait for the hot tub after the swim tomorrow.

I was out for a short walk at lunch time, and was surprised at how crowded the lobby and mall was. There was an extremely loud spin session happening in the lobby. Lots of people were walking through with their fingers in their ears. I watched for a few minutes. Now, bear in mind I have no idea how long these people had been on the trainer. Several of them looked like they were ready to keel over from heat exhaustion. None of them looked like they were having much fun. Glad I wasn't doing that.

The mall was full of people strolling around, and lots of people sitting their watching them. The watchers piss me off. I see that street most mornings and it's filthy. Cigarette butts everywhere, some garbage strewn around, and yet I know for a fact that street is cleaned daily at the very least. There are people dropping butts and stepping on them, rather than reaching a few feet to put it in a receptacle designed for the purpose. I'd love to see a bylaw officer give them a ticket and slap them upside the head for good measure.

The other day grocery shopping I was behind a LOD (Little Old Dear) paying for her groceries by writing a cheque. I haven't seen that for years, many years. I was actually kind of astonished that anyone still does this, but the clerk assured me she gets a couple a day. I suspect that in what will seem like no time at all, I'll be the old one, trying to pay through a smart phone autopay app. The people behind me will look on me with amused tolerance (I hope) at the quaint display. They, of course, have a bio chip installed that does all that for them and barely have to break stride leaving the store. It's called progress, and sooner or later, I'll fall off the trailing wave. It's a good thing I don't have any kids waiting around for their (nonexistent) inheritance, and wondering how soon they can put me on the ice floe for the polar bears. If any are still left alive then.


  1. I was at a grocery store about a year ago (can't even remember which one) and there was a LOD complaining to the cashier that the store was no longer accepting cheques. It won't be long until cheques actually become non-existent...

  2. Improperly disposed of cig butts are a total pet peeve of mine. The only thing worse is someone else's dog crapping on my lawn and leaving it there. YUCK!


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