Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Spoor, or sneaking up on 1000

If you're reading this, you're probably a triathlete, or are recovering from being one. You almost certainly leave spoor, whether you know it or not. A fellow triathlete walking into your home can probably track your recent activities by the trail of workout gear and clothing, some clean, many not. After all, why put stuff away if you're just going to need it later that day, or at latest, tomorrow?

This is what drives non-athletic female spouses to despair. Though, oddly enough, it isn't clothes that get Linda. I'm pretty good at getting the sweaty stuff into the basket, and the basket down to the machine, and stuff transfered from one machine to the other, then out. Mainly because I'm squicked out at the thought of putting on ex-sweaty gear.

It's the containers I take to work with lunch in them. They often hide in my bag till after the dishes are done. Or books. Or paperwork sometimes gets left in odd places. Like the business paperwork that needs to be organized for filing. Soon. Workout equipment, mainly bike stuff, but sometimes things like water bottles, sunscreen, watch, heart rate monitor, and Road ID. (You do have a Road ID, and wear it for all outdoor workouts, right?)

I'm happy with a bit of clutter. I like a house that looks like people live there. Painfully neat and tidy houses make me a bit nervous. I used to work with a guy, I swear I'm not making this up, who after vacuuming his carpets (daily) used a special rake to make sure all the nap was aligned. (If BJ or Lisa are reading this, they know who I'm talking about.) I can guarantee he is not a triathlete. I feel reassured having a pile of books to read beside my chair, and am not frightened or disturbed by dust bunnies.

So unless the male spouse is like that guy above, he probably doesn't particularly notice the spousal spoor. Or the smell of the spoor. Or anything else except the things he's interested in, which might be the supply of beer in the fridge, his own workout gear, or other toys.

We've had rainy weather the last couple of days, which is a huge change. I probably would have gone for a run tonight if it had been nice. I've been pretty creaky since my long run a week and a few days ago. What with planning a long walk to and from GlobalFest on Saturday, I didn't feel much like doing a run, and of course Sunday I was cheering people on. Tomorrow is supposed to be nicer, so maybe I'll run then, and see how it feels.

So tonight I did some stretching. I was thinking of a full on core workout, but a heavy duty session of providing a cat lap drained me. Stretching was all I could do, and it felt pretty good.

Oh, and I see that I'm getting a bunch of readers from SUAR's blog. Or one reader that shows up a bunch of times, no doubt in horrid fascination or something. Thanks for reading, and don't be afraid to leave a comment.

Anybody wanting a Google+ invitation?

Last call for suggestions for the 1000th blog post coming up soon! I've already started to write it. Stay tuned.


  1. Keith, you should have run tonight, running in the rain feels so awesome! I honestly felt like I could keep on going, and we were doing 10 min intervals for the 1st time.

    PS. I don't need a google+ invite, I'm already on there. Look me up!

  2. My food containers drive my husband crazy! What drives him even more crazy is my massive lunch bag taking up too much room in the fridge

  3. My husband is a bit of a neat nick (though not OCD about carpet nap) and I know my little clutterbug tendancies drive him minorly crazy. His biggest pet peeve is clean dishes in the sink (drainer rack). My theory is why should I dry them if God will? :) I haven't gotten deep enough into this tri adventure to have too many workout clothes laying around (although now that I think of it, I have a wet swim suit and towel in the car from Tue - yikes!)

  4. J's food containers drive me crazy because he stockpiles them at the office or in his car. I will start to wonder where all the tupperware is and then all the dirty stuff will be sitting on the counter. Ewww!!

    I am the clean freak in the relationship- my carpet nap doesn't have to be in the same direction but dust bunnies & cat hair fluff balls give me panic attacks. It's mostly the car hair though- our main floor is dark hardwood and our furniture is dark so his light hair shows up on everything!!

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