Monday, August 22, 2011

Oooooooohhhh. Crickle. Creak.

I sat too long today, both at work and working at home. My run yesterday was good, but later it seemed to have taken more out of me than the faster run over a similar distane the week before. So tonight I headed down for some stretching. There were some fairly alarming creaks and cracks, but things are feeling a bit better.

There is a meeting very first thing tomorrow so I can't swim. Actually the meeting is even before first thing, before 8 am. But I will make time to stretch in the morning. Right now I'm tired and cranky. Which means it is time for bed.

As an aside, those who know were we get our coffee beans fresh roasted are amused by the title, since I'd like the taste of a coffee now, if not the caffeine.

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