Saturday, August 6, 2011

No thought run and blog

Normally when I'm doing the workout, part of the time is spent mentally writing the blog. I often get the title, and I'll write about any interesting stuff that happened.

But that didn't happen today, so I'm struggling a bit here. Nothing really interesting external stuff happened during the run, and internally wasn't much better. I got myself together, started running, ran, finished running, walked, ate, stretched, showered. What more do you want?

Oh, right. You want to be entertained. You come here for, for, what? OK, you tell me, what DO you come here for?

Ran 1.75 hours nice and easy, trying really hard to keep the pace at an easy breathing level. It was fairly hot, about 23 C (73F) but there was a nice breeze. I ran up 37 St path, turned left at the reservoir, ran down into the weaselhead to where I could just see the main bride, turned around at 55 minutes, and made it back to 37/Anderson crossing by 1:75 hrs. The last 10 minutes I could feel my calves tightening up. I didn't wan to push too hard, since I've still got the last traces of a cold in my throat.

About the only thing I remember from the run is that it felt really good, and I was dreaming about renting a house in Penticton, and taking a year to train for another run at IMC. The rest of the time passed in a nice haze, not thinking about much, not having to work too hard on form, but staying fairly well on track for 88 steps/min.

So, tell me, what do you come here for?


  1. I come here in the hope of being the very first commenter. Yes! SUCCESS!!!!

  2. I come for the entertainment!! I love the rants, the workout recaps and the wine.
    Good job on the run! J's uncle has a house on Skaha that he rents out during ironman every year...

  3. I'm with Nicole. I like the entertainment. Whether I agree with you or not, I always enjoy the read. Sometimes I wonder if I could make it on to your blog. Swim slowly doing a wide backstroke in your lane... Hop in front of you during a run pushing a double wide jogging stroller, then stop randomly...


Looking forward to reading your comment!

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