Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fresh Taber corn

Oh my goodness! Taber is a small farming community about 250 K south and east of Calgary. It's main claim to fame is corn. Other things grow there too, such sugar beets. Lots and lots of sugar beets, but it's corn that people know. Wait for.

People around here get twitchy in early August, waiting for Taber corn. There is a bit of a rush on for it when it final comes. You see signs "Taber corn ahead". Farmer's markets advertise it. People flock for it. Some people try to fake it.

Why? This is the best corn on the cob in the world. Something about the soil and the climate makes for sweet tasty corn. I've just nibbled two cobs, along with some steak, and some wine. I'm a happy camper. It reminds me of trips to visit my grandparents, both sets, when I was a kid. For years I thought the corn was brought out for me, that the bright cheerful yellow colour was to honour my bright and cheerful personality.

Such a contrast to the blackberries that are in season at the same time. How can there be anything wrong with the world when there is fresh corn and blackberries?

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  1. Oh yum...I agree fresh corn and berries...and wine...what else is there? really?


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