Friday, July 1, 2011

T Rex didn't show up today!

Wed yoga was a joy. Almost nobody was there and the week before our instructor let us pick our poses. There was lots of good stuff. I could have stayed in Thread the Needle for much longer. My shoulders have been really tight lately. That was the last class of the session, and we won't see her till the next session in September, I guess. However, I'm not done with Wed yoga! One of my buddies is running outdoor yoga classes. That ought to be fun, and very interesting to see how another instructor does things.

YOGA IN THE PARK starts Wednesday June 29th, 6:30-7:30pm at Queen Elizabeth High School. Come out and play! 50% of donations going to L'Arche Calgary.

Thursday I think the Tuesday run had caught up with me. It was only afterward that I realized how hard I'd been running, and I was feeling it. By rights, I should have stretched out and done an easy run on Thursday. But when some work buddies were going out to the best patio in the city, on an authorized expense account because one of them was leaving, on a perfect night, well, I'm weak and helpless that way. The West Restaurant roof top is very nice, if pretty crowded. Was nice to chat with people and enjoy the outdoors. I don't do that sort of thing much. Home and essentially straight to bed.

Friday was trying to sleep in. Not. I didn't sleep well for some reason last night. Took back recyclables and a few other errands. My facebook page has a pic of a huge mound of milk cartons and orange juice containers. I know that some of you will be sadly disappointed in us, thinking that wine was our primary beverage.

After that I did about a half hour of stretching and core. I was thinking about trying to apply at least some of the things Katie was telling me. Once I started I could feel myself running the way I used to, then I thought of running on super hot pavement. Sure enough my cadence picked up. But other things changed too! My posture changed, my arms were more disciplined, shoulders down and back, chest out a bit more, posture was better, I think. The running felt easier overall, though some muscles were working a bit differently. I could feel it from my core a bit better.

I pattered along, not trying to run faster. If anything I was trying to run slower so I could concentrate on keeping my breathing even, and think about all the other stuff that was happening. But I couldn't help myself, I let things go a couple of times and really picked up the pace. I ran the same 5.5 K out and back that I've often done before. Today I got to the end in 36 minutes, while not trying to run fast. Breathing under control, heart rate at 134 average, though I'm not sure how accurate that was. It seemed quite low for the first 10 minutes of the run. That's almost 4 minutes quicker than a couple weeks ago, with less effort. Gotta love that!

I ran another 10 minutes very easy, still trying to keep the cadence up, but deliberately running very slowly so my heart rate could come down, then walked another 15 minutes to complete my cool down, and stretched a bit.

This is new territory for me. I've run that fast, and even faster, but that was always in a race, or trying to run race pace. This was nice and easy. I can feel it a little bit in my calves right now, but it's not too bad for trying something new. I could have run longer but didn't so I give my legs a chance to get used to this. Next step is to try to keep that cadence and stretch out my stride just a little. This is going to be interesting. Once again Katie shows how smart she is.

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