Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Crazy clouds

Here's a time lapse video from earlier this evening. I confess I was hoping for a huge thunderhead, but this is more interesting, what with the clouds going all kinds of directions at once. This kind of thing happens all the time here.

I definitely overdid it on the run yesterday. Either that or walking around on higher heels than I've ever worn before is taking a toll on me. Or a combination of them. You see, I think of myself as slightly taller than average, but not unusually so. I've never had any desire to be any taller, or to wear anything thicker soled than normal dress shoes. But that's the way cowboy boots come, and if you're going to do something...

In the end I could have gone for a bike ride, but it could have got more adventurous than I'd like. And I'm feeling like doing a nice stretch session tonight before bed.


  1. That is just too cool!

    Ooh stretching...good idea!

  2. I really like this! Can you put it to music?

  3. Awesome clouds. I love the time lapse - not as cool but here I am mowing the lawn -


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