Friday, June 24, 2011

T Rex, trying to run faster

Thursday. What happened Thursday? I don't really remember. There were some leg exercises in there, but I went to bed early.

Friday was more ambitious. About 15 minutes of leg exercises and stretching. Then an easy 15 minutes running gradually faster as my legs gave up trying to talk me out of it. Things were a bit clunky. Then 5x30 seconds (trying to be) fast, 2:30 very easy recovery.

At first my breathing was out of control fast while I was barely moving, and my heart rate was really low. Things gradually came around, but this was never a light happy footed run. I felt heavy the whole time. The 30 seconds were a fairly brisk acceleration to about as fast as I can run with good form, though I'm sure glad nobody was there taking video. It probably looked horrible. I was pretty pleased that my heart rate came down nicely for all except the last one, which reinforced that it was time to stop. Ran very easy and walked to cool down. 30 minutes running. Knee felt fine.

Stretched after by doing some weeding. Our garden is over run with this clinging weed that has purple flowers. Evidently it spreads very easily, so we likely aren't ever going to get rid of it. And remember last year I took the tools to the Alberta Wild Rose? I trimmed it back to below ground level, and it's come back better than ever. I think I need another effort to repress the worst of it. I don't mind it being there, but it does tend to get out of hand.

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  1. T-Rex...LOL.

    Does Amelia ever go outside? Probably not, as there is that busy street right in front of your house. My cats LOVE being outside and eating the grass. My Mom finds it meditative to dig out dandelions -- she'll even do her neighbour's lawns! :) My cats twine around her and help her weed. So cute.

    So the knee did well? Good news!!


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