Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sometimes I almost miss winter, a rant

No, I'm not a pervert. During the winter hardly anyone is outside on the mall between my office and my car. The ones that are outside are focussed on where they are going. During the nice weather the mall is filled with shambling idiots who have no idea where they are going, or what they'll do if they ever get there. Today it's like people saw me coming and strolled into my way or stopped along the path that my body language indicated I was going. Much as I'd like to trample them it's not polite to do it. Unless necessary, and let me tell you, there are times I'm beginning to think it IS necessary. As an example if nothing else, and having the average IQ go up slightly is a good thing.

Inside the building isn't much better. I can understand people not rushing back to their desk, but really, if you don't like your job you should get another one. Parenthetically if you don't like any of the jobs you've had the fault is likely internal, and the only cure is to grow up or kill yourself. But you'd think they'd walk at a reasonable pace going TOWARD the coffee. But no. Sigh. To be fair, I should note that I cut the handicapped all the slack they need, and maybe a bit more. Anyone on crutches, or using a cane or is in a wheelchair doesn't need any extra grief.

The worst part about outside now is the smokers. That horrible smell is really getting to me. One guy this evening was smoking an actual cigar. I thought I was going to puke. People were hustling to get upwind of him. My solution is to make tobacco products very hard to get, very expensive, and register smokers in a database so they can pay higher taxes. Very hard to get means that a store can only sell tobacco related products, nothing else. They have to get ID from the buyers (how do you think the database gets populated) and the minimum age goes up evey year. Sell to people below the minimum age and you lose your license. I'd send in ringers to try to trap them, oh say, once a week or so. Taxes on tobacco producers goes up dramatically. Smoking should only be allowed in specially vented places where the fumes are scrubbed before civilized people have to inhale them. Smoking around children should be prosecuted as child abuse. Grrrrrrrrr. Why, yes, I had red meat for supper, why do you ask?

After work I got stuck into my leg exercises, then out for a run. I was thinking it was going to rain, so I ended up over dressing. Started really easy, and quickly found a nice stride. Last time my heartrate was high but my legs and lungs felt good. Today my lgs felt a bit sluggish, and my lungs were working a bit harder than I'd like, but for the first half of the run my heart rate was right where I like it. I did three bursts of faster running for about 100m, and the first two times my heart rate went back down again quite nicely. The third time it didn't and the run turned into a bit of a slog. Still, 5 k in just under 35 minutes is just fine for right now. There were a few twinges from my knee during the last fast bit. Stretched after.


  1. The worst is when smokers congregate right outside the doors of a building and you have to hold your breath and run through the smoke, UGH!!!

  2. haha I feel the same way with everyone outside right now. The best is when they stop right in the middle of the path or hallway and huddle to have a conversation. Every once in a while I throw an elbow ;)

  3. There should be a fast lane and a slow lane for walkers too.

  4. Look at the bright side; eventually, it will be too hot and the slow people will stay inside in the AC.

    I like your thinking about the smokers though... I teach at a "smoke free" campus and still about twice a week, I end up chastising/yelling at some Neanderthal who thinks that it's just cool to go ahead and smoke next to the "no smoking" sign. GAH!

    I should probably eat more meat.

    I'll move onto your current yoga post now ;-) I know; I'm behind. Life got in the way...


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