Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Salutations out the ying yang

I am happier than you can possibly know that my course was shortened today. It took the instructor 1.5 hours to show us an example of what the software actually produced. It's Metastorms ProVision, if you're interested. OMG. I was ready to slit my wrists well before the end of it. This is a complicated piece of software that will do lots of things, and there is much configuration to take place. So at one point he was actually explaining to us how to zoom in or out to see more or less of the diagram, as if it was something we should be impressed by. And though I was supposed to be all set up, I'm not. I can't get into it on my pc. They're so clever they stored the manuals inside the software. Sigh.

Right after that it was get changed and walk over to Olympic Plaza to stand in the hot sun for a little while. Then the boss man talked to us about the United Way. Then we ran. They said it was 5 K, but it's not, so I was gypped. It was only 4.75 K. Still, I ran hard enough to be pushing the pace just a bit faster than what I'd comfortably do, but not so much my breathing was out of control. I got back in 29 minutes flat, which I'm pretty pleased about. That's a 6:06 K pace, if you're wondering.

Then a team meeting where they were explaining overall team progress and introducing new people to the team, of whom I'm one. They handed around a microphone. With a few exceptions, my new team mates are named mutter mutter mutter, and most of them work on retrofit. The main host had his own microphone so we could hear him, but all his stuff is blither. Then the managers talked about their teams and their progress to date. 4 out of 6 was mutter mutter mutter, with a few clear words at the beginning. My boss was one of the people that didn't need a microphone, but I already knew half of what he was going to say. What boggled my mind was the Q&A session at the end. They were all going out for a beer after, and people insisted on a few questions, and then wouldn't let the meeting die. There was always one more quick thing to say. If I was running that meeting the gavel would have been down someone's throat by then.

Zoomed home, dealt with the package that FINALLY arrived. Linda's Christmas present finally arrived! That's the Christmas present from almost 6 months ago. It's her birthday soon, and I'm in my usual panic, wondering what to get.

Then it was out to yoga class. No goober-breath! But we started with Sun salutation, and kept right on. Earth, moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. I was saluted out, and a wreck by the end. I think I fell asleep in about 3 seconds flat in savasana. And that's what I'm going to do now, go to sleep. Been a busy day.


  1. I HATE those people that just won't let go....they must be missing something in their lives like attention, validation, whatever. There are ALWAYS a few of them at every fricking gathering. One of the BIG reasons I don't do pre-race meetings.

    It's like they want their 2 minutes of fame: Everybody look and listen to ME! I am asking a question!! YAY for me!!

    Somebody shoot me now. :)

  2. Great weather for the run yesterday! I had to miss it which made me so sad :(

  3. OMG that is my biggest pet peeve ever! People who won't shut the hell up when it's clearly time to go! Shut up people! Ask the instructor after class! No one cares what you have to say anymore. Five minutes ago? Maybe (but still probably not). But not when the clock says it's time to go!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sometimes sun salutations bug the bejesus out of me, sometimes it's just what I need. But Savasana? Always welcomed.


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