Saturday, June 4, 2011

In spite of temptation

Look what arrived on Friday!

Is that temptation enough for you? And yes, I admit, right now I'm reading Bath Tangle, and what's more, enjoying it. So there. People that dismiss it as "romantic fluff" are missing Heyer's wit, style, storytelling, character description, and just plain excellent writing. I've read most of her Regency novels and love them.

We got Farscape out of the library in dribs and drabs, and as long as I don't have to listen to the opening credits I'm good to go. It's a bit dark in places, and I'd love to see Claudia Black doing something in between the darkness of Aeryn and the fun of Vala. This is the full set, so I'm going to watch it in order and I'll get a chance at the extras. Someone told me there were lots of extras on this version.

I've been a big fan of Amanda Tapping since the first Stargate SG 1 episode. (Isn't everybody?) Again, we got Sanctuary out of the library, but were watching it out of order, and I missed a bunch. It's a bit odd seeing her as a brunette, and I kept expecting her to break into Gate-babble, but I was liking it.

What more needs to be said about True Blood? I need my Pam fix! I watched a bunch of True Blah, that "Jessica" did, and those were pretty funny. I'm looking forward to more.

Oh and I was lent some older Dr. Who, but they are on a region 2 disc. We're working that out. Stupid DRM rules!

I digress. This is a fitness blog, darn it! Sitting down with good wine, watching DVD's, even good ones, is not a fitness activity. Unless you're trying to defend your crackers from Amelia the cat.

The goober-breath showed up a yoga, but we were on opposite sides of the room. There is a new couple coming, and he is about my size. On Wed we were in the same corner, and had to make minor adjustment to make sure we didn't bang hands during some of the stretch out on the floor things. I don't know what they're called. It's funny how some people invade your personal space, and others don't.

No other real workouts. Oh, wait, my ART guy says my knee is going great, and have at it! So today I ran 45 minutes, mostly nice and easy, but with a couple of strides, or accelerations, or whatever you want to call it where you pick up the speed and run faster for a short time. My legs and lungs thought this was an easy run, but my heart was about 5 to 10 bpm faster throughout than I was happy with. It all felt good though. With any luck it will be nice enough for a ride first thing tomorrow.

I still don't have a new massage therapist picked out. JL was going to send some email contacts, but she's probably been scrambling with all the move stuff. Anybody here know a good mobile therapist?

I suffered through a Business Process Management course at Mount Royal University on Friday. Over the last few years I took a Business Analysis Certificate course, and it was excellent! The material was well done, all but one of the teachers I had were all that one could ask for, the exercises and group interaction were a great addition to the material. I learned a ton of stuff. Some of it I invented for myself in the heat of the moment on the job, but it was nice to build on the experience and get some good tools.

So I was excited about the Business Process course. I thought it would be a natural extension onto the BA course, and it's an area I was really interested in. The intro was a while ago, and they are always fluff. The first course was a few weeks ago, and it was a real disappointment. I wrote a letter to the University, and they refunded my money for it. The class on Friday was better, but we essentially finished the material on Friday. I figured I had better things to do with my time today, and since I'm not going to complete the curriculum I didn't care if I "failed" this course.  

A buddy of mine was in the first wave of the BA course, and mentioned there were some rocks in the channel for it at first. So perhaps they need to do a bit of rework and it will be up to the standard of the other courses. Maybe I'll have another go at it then.

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