Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shorts. T shirt. 20110410. At last.

Off to the pool early on Saturday to get in before the 8am craziness starts. Except it started about 8:20, which at least let me get the brisk part of my swim done. Near the end some breast stroker joined me and mostly stayed out of the way. Then two slow girls joined in, but by then I was doing pull or kick. Still, by then none of them was terribly good about letting people swim through. I passed them anyway.

The only consolation was the 3 fast girls in the next lane. I pushed hard a couple times to keep up, and several times thought of moving over to get away from the slowbies, but then *I'd* be the slowbie trying to stay out of their way.

Overall it was pretty good, one hour total. The 1K start was 18:30 not working too hard, so I'm getting back to where I was.

Today I decided to sleep in and let the day get nice, then go for a run. Today is the first day this year to wear shorts and a short sleeved tech shirt. It felt a bit odd to be heading out the door so lightly dressed, since there's still lots of snow hanging about, but it turned out to be just perfect. Even if for part of the run I was on ice and snow, dodging rivers of melt water.

I ran the C route, 11 K. Mostly solid zone 3, deep regular breathing, working on posture, trying to run smooth and relaxed. Turnaround was 36:15, then back home at 1:14:30. Then run another 6 minutes nice and easy to cool down, followed by a walk, then some stretching. I'm really pleased by that pacing.

My legs are a bit tired, and my lungs are starting to have to work now. This is great! For so long I've been limited by what I could push through my knee, and now I'm back to where other parts of the system are having to work harder. Today I could have run faster, and for maybe a K or so I did, very smooth and fast.

During my last run my feet and legs felt really heavy and slow. I wondered about the new shoes. Today, before the run I weighed them. Overall the run felt good, but towards the end my legs were getting tired, more tired than I remember getting for that distance. The new shoes are 50 grams per shoe heavier than the old ones. Is that enough to make a difference?

Weekly Summary
swim 1.75 hrs
bike 1.25 hrs
Run 1.25 hrs
Total Cardio 4.25
Core 1 hr.


  1. You are weighing your shoes? What? Am I missing something? Why are you weighing your shoes...?

  2. Saw your FB status on Saturday morning. I was still in bed! I should have worn shorts and t shirt on Sunday for my run- I way overdressed! I hear snow is in the forecast later this week. Knew it was too good to be true :(


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