Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Last yoga of the session

Tuesday swim 1 hour. For a while I was sharing a lane with a dink I haven't seen before. He was determined that I wasn't going to pass him. I caught up to him fairly easily, then cruised in his draft for the last part of the length. I expected him to stop for a second, but no, he looked at me and pushed off strong. I picked it up a bit and started going past, when he started putting more effort into it. Way more effort. I almost choked laughing at him thrashing along. I sped up a bit more so I'd be in front of him at the turn, and kept going. When I turned again he was about half way down the pool, arms barely moving. Then he went away.

Then Mr. Fins joined me and Mr. Toofasttodraft. I said hi and that we were going pretty good. He nodded and started off, all oblivious like. I passed him once, and I think Toofasttodraft passed him twice, and then he went to swim in another lane. I love passing people who are swimming front crawl with fins, when I don't have them.

I did 30 minutes front crawl, 500 m kick, lots of pull, then some more front crawl. The feel is coming back! Yay!

Tuesday night was a work function at Rush Restaurant. Wow is the food ever good there! I suspect it's expensive, but our menu didn't have prices. They kept pouring the wine. It was nice the way they did the serving. A whole line of waiters brought in our courses, circling the table, then everybody had their food put in front of them at the same time, rather than one waiter hustling back and forth. Did I say the food was really good! Home late and I didn't sleep all that well.

Yoga tonight was the last class of the session. The way it works is that during the second last class we can request our choice of stuff. I did pigeon and it felt great. I didn't do wall dog and that felt really great. Lots of other good stuff. We get a break for a couple weeks, then back at it mid April.

And we had sunshine today!!!!
This was the first sunny day in about 2 weeks. Normally Calgary is a very sunny city. Not necessarily warm, but sunny. It's no surprise at all to have winter days that are 30 below, and brilliant sunshine. So to go almost 2 weeks without was making people a little crazy. It's about 5 blocks from where I park to the office, and I walk along a pedestrian mall. I think I've mentioned it's been a cold winter. The only people I'd see were huddled into their coats and walking briskly, or waiting for a light. Today was about the first day I've seen people sitting and relaxing, chatting with friends, begging for change, playing instruments, and generally hanging out on the mall. Nice.

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  1. I may but be the fastest person in the pool but I am getting faster. It burns me when you have a douchebag in front of you that knows you are on their heels, they hit the wall and push off rather than let you pass. I think karma will somehow get them in the end.


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