Tuesday, February 15, 2011

run+melt ice=pitterpatter steps

Monday I really intended to go to yoga to make up for the class I missed last week when Linda's sister was here. Then Linda explained what was likely to be on the agenda. Double sun salutes, each taking forever especially with the dog and plank bits. Downward dog itself out the wazoo. My legs and back were tired and a bit sore, respectively. I wimped out. I am a weenie.

Today was a nice enough day to melt a lot of ice, which is promptly refreezing in thin sheets everywhere. Or the packed snow softens up, melts a bit, then refreezes, which is just as slippery. I ran anyways, even though it's impossible to get into a rhythm. Leg exercises then an easy start. At first my left knee was a bit grumpy but settled down eventually. Ran 45 minutes, with the last full K in 6 minutes, running strong and comfortably, but still scampering over icy bits and climbing an ice mountain because some idiot in a pickup with a huge ball hitch parked by the day care so as to totally block the sidewalk. That felt pretty good, my legs felt good, and it was beginning to push my cardio system. Then ran easy a few minutes to make up 45 minutes, and even got to chat to a neighbour that rides his bike 11 K or so to work every work day of the year. No matter the temperature, no matter how much snow and ice there is. Good for him! Walked, stretched, and rollered after the run. Now that I'm writing this up, my right knee is a bit cranky.

I think for me, the secret for evening activity is to not stop. When I stop it's hard to get started again. Especially if there is a cat involved. But if I come home and get right into doing whatever is on the agenda, it's much easier.

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