Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's minus almost WTF cold again

Rushed swim at Inglewood this morning, only 45 minutes. All front crawl, except for a bit of back crawl at the end for cool down. This pool is a bit of a free for all, no fast, medium, and slow lanes. The lifeguards help sort people out. Used to be there were so few people swimming in the morning the regulars took their fave lane.

I followed one guy onto the deck and asked where I should swim for a quick pace. Lifeguard remembered me from last week and put me with the guy I'd followed. Yeah, that was a quick pace all right, and he still swam faster than me. I wasn't in the mood to fool around, just straight ahead 2 K swim, 36:05 or so, starting easy then getting into it. Some easy at the end after everybody else had left. This pool has the really shallow end so you have to put some power into your flip turns to get around. The last couple my left ham started cramping up a bit.

My amusement was watching a coached group. They were doing 25 m sprints. None of them were very good swimmers, but they were sure putting a lot of effort into making bubbles, and at first I was impressed that one was a bit faster than me. Then I heard him puffing like a steam engine, red in the face, all bent over like he was going to pollute the water. I just kept going.

I am loving working downtown again. Even in the dead of winter it is good to be a guy.

Yoga was good.

Left leg was feeling a bit wonky today, and my right knee was feeling a bit tired, off and on. Which considering the run yesterday is pretty good. Looking forward to an easy spin tomorrow, and if all is good I'm seriously considering Sunday spin class. Assuming I survive a housewarming party the night before.

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  1. Did you know I work in Inglewood Keith? Just off of 11th st. in a fixed up Railroad building.


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