Sunday, February 27, 2011

I had a title, but it's gone now

Normally during my workout I'm writing my blog in my mind. Normally I can remember it enough to get it into the computer. Normally, but not today.

My legs felt pretty good after the run yesterday. I specifically stretched my back and it seemed to be ok too. This morning was a little bit of a creaky affair till I got going. After some stretches I got onto my bike. I'd been cleaning up an old box filled with stuff from old race packages. One of them was some Ultima replenisher electrolyte drink, wild raspberry flavour. I'm out of Nuun, and figured powder can't have gone bad so I made it up. Well, it nearly made me throw up. It was gross. I washed out that container with really hot water.

Started easy and was surprised how quickly my legs got going. 20 minutes at 90 rpm, a short break with some spin ups, then another 10 minutes, a short break with spin ups, then 5 minutes at 90 in the third biggest gear. Cool down, for 1.5 hrs altogether. It felt good, and I'd hoped for 2 hours, but some twinges made me think that a good 1.5 hr spin was better than a 2 hr spin that left me hurting. Even though it's nice out I didn't go for a run after.

I'm trying to be cautious, and patient with my knee. It would be really easy to overdo it since my cardio system is feeling strong, and the rest of my leg muscle seem to be doing well. But if I go too long, or to hard, I'm going to pay for it. That means staying in control and in touch. I feel a bit of something, I'm not sure what, that I should be training harder, longer, whatever, and that I should be following a coached plan to build to peak fitness. But I was reading that we're real people and we can't train like pros, mainly because we're not pros. And we can't train like the other athletes that have been doing it longer. All we can do is train the best we can given the constraints of our life. Right now that means being careful and patient.

Weekly Summary
Swim 2.0 hrs
Bike 1.8 hrs
Run 1.0 hrs
Water run 1.5 hrs ( I never know if I should count this as run, or core or what)
Total cardio 6.3 hrs
Core 3.5 hrs.


  1. Ultima is horrible stuff on a good day. Whenever I get it in a race package I toss it immediately. If I have switched to Hammer Fizz if I want just electrolytes, cheaper than Nuun.

  2. Haha, I write my blog in my mind during training too. Good thing nobody can read my thoughts they would've thought I'm crazy yesterday morning.

    Swim went pretty well. Since I swam breaststroke without going under water. I'm no good swimmer at the moment.

  3. Yuck- I hate Ultima! Strathmore Womens Tri always gives it out in their race packages and also at their aid stations.
    A kid gave me an Ultima by accident last year and I almost puked on the run!! Nasty stuff! I like water or gatorade.


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