Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A gentle core session

My right leg and knee are feeling a bit tired, but I didn't want abandon all thoughts of a workout. Core for .5 hr, including crunches, pushups, tri dips, and lots of the leg exercises.

Then onto the bike about 20 minutes of mostly easy spin, but including (TA-DA!) some one leg drill for the first time since forever. My knee didn't know what to think of that; things got kind of odd after that in an odd sort of oddness that's difficult to explain. So I stopped. Better safe than sorry.

Still cold here, with a real good but brief snow flurry. I forgot to mention that there is a scale in the Talisman centre locker room, and it said 224. I like that number better than the one at Canyon Meadows from a week or so ago.

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  1. New favourite line- odd sort of oddness! Hmmm wonder if the talisman scale would work in my favour also? Probably not- I deserve these extra pounds!


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