Friday, January 28, 2011

I didn't recognize it at first

The last couple of days I've had this weird feeling. I didn't realize what it was till shortly after getting out of bed today. It was my muscles feeling tired. A nice tired, an I've been working tired. Not the dead-ass fatigue of too much IM training, or the soreness from a wonky knee, or the unhappiness from overdoing it a bit or a lot. Just an overall feeling that I've exerted myself hard enough to feel it, but not so hard as to really feel it. What's more, it's all over, legs, shoulders, arms, core. Balanced. Nice.

So the plan had been to bike and run twice this week and see what Sunday feels like for a brick. I ended up running twice in a row because the weather was so nice, meaning today was going to be a bike ride. With my muscles feeling the way they are I decided that an easy spin was in order.

Warmed up with a bit of core work, maybe 15 minutes, but I have to say my heart wasn't in it today.  Onto the bike with a slow warmup, gradually building rpm in an easy gear with light feet. This was fun. I kept it aerobic, and eventually got up to 115 rpm. That's the fastest I've had my feet turning over in a long time. Most of the workout was at 90, rpm with some at 100, and a bit at 110 to 115. My knee felt good all the way through. My legs were liking it too. Did some rollering and stretching after. Now my legs are feeling great!

The pool is open for a combined lane swim and public swim from 2:30 to 4. Hmmmmmm.

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  1. Yay for feeling good again in the ol' knee and muscles. That is a very liberating feeling. Congrats!


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