Monday, January 3, 2011

Another nice run, how about that?

I was expecting the resolutionista hordes in the pool today, and was somewhat unnerved by the light traffic on the way to downtown. The pool had only two people swimming in the fast lanes. I swam with slow, and he was good enough to get out of the way as needed. Then he bailed out. Slower was in the next lane, and he bailed out as soon as Mr. Outboard arrived. He cruises along at about 42 seconds per 50 m. I've given up trying to keep up with him. For now.

Swam relaxed and easy. Then pull and kick drill. I'm doing more kick drill without the fins, even though it's painfully slow. It takes forever for me to get down the pool. Then some arm drill, more pull, and some backstroke to cool down. One hour.

A bit later I did 30 minutes of leg exercises, then dressed for a run. Started easy, and found a stride right away. Settled in, probably high zone 2 or very low zone 3 at most, for 45 minutes. What's nice is that when I got to where I stopped at 45 minutes on my run a few days ago, I was only at 40 minutes today. So without even trying I got almost another K into my run. That makes me happy. My feet and legs felt good, light, and it seemed very rhythmic. (geez I hate spelling that word, I have to look it up every time.) My knee didn't bother me at all.

Plus, it was a great day to be out running. The paths were mostly cleared now, it was sunny and warm, only -9 C (16 F). With so many people not at work, not in the pool, and supposedly trying to make good on their resolutions, I was expecting the paths to be crowded. Not. Where is everyone?


  1. Hey buddy,

    You're training seems really too consistent for this time of year. :P Any big plans this year? I know you've mentioned getting faster, any specific triathlons? road races?

  2. Woot!! Great news on the knee!

    Maybe people are being lazy like me... or they are just staying out of your way!

  3. LOL...sunny and warm 16º

    I have some pix that I'll post tomorrow for ya :-)

  4. They were at the the Shouldice Pool today Keith...I am sure of it! I was sporting the Inner Shark today, you would have been proud!

  5. They certainly weren't at the ski hill... Sunshine was slow too. Glad to hear about your knee


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