Saturday, December 18, 2010

Those ou Words

Never let it be said I'm not responsive to those few readers I have. I posted a video yesterday of the various clocks in our house. Turns out I missed one; the thermostat has a clock in it too, but we never use it.

Rebekah asked for more ou words. There's a bit of an in-joke there I explain in the vid. Turns out maybe those people looking at a camera and reading a script are earning their money after all. It's surprisingly hard to do.

This is pretty raw. No colour enhancements, no extra lighting beyond a desk lamp. The reflections from what's on the computer screen shows up on my glasses and there's no way I know around that that doesn't have me looking in some other direction entirely, which would look even more dorkish than this does. I've tried using the computer camera during the day, but the light from the window behind me lights up my hair and makes it look like a halo.

My only workout today is core. 3x100=300 crunches. 11 pushups. 50 squats. Plus a bunch of other stuff, including the dreaded plank. Which isn't as bad as it used to be. Even the crunches have improved, since I got through all of them without having to support my head. I guess my neck muscles have improved, even if nothing else has.


  1. Having an audio problem on my end, but I'm guessing "ou words" is a reply to people saying Canadians pronounce "about" as "aboot" or "aboat." I've struggled to get rid of my Minnesota accent, most noticeable in "roof" and "root," which have no real phonetic equivalents.

  2. I'm now wondering if Cananda-talk and SoCal-talk are the same because that sounded completely normal to me...

  3. Keith. That was epic... I think I caught all the ou words, although you can't really 'hear' the spelling.

  4. nice! Rebekah said you made cookies too ... ready to copy my address? LOL!

  5. I'm a bit behind on reading the blog, but....

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!! Sounds fabulous! ;)


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