Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Swimming with Mr. Cantdrafthim

The pool was a zoo for the first time since it's got really cold a couple weeks ago. Then again, I got there a bit earlier than recently, so that might be it. I made 5 joining a lane, but they all swam about my speed so it was good.

During my my first 1000 m people sorted themselves out and most left the lane. By the time
18:45 rolled around there was only a couple other people left. I did some kick drill and that drove everybody else out of the lane, except for one guy. I started some 100 m on 2 minute drills. By then I figured out who he was, since I hadn't seen him for a while. It was Mr. Cantdrafthim. Here I am, swimming my 100 m in a 1:45 pace or so. We come to the wall and do side by side flip turns. His is very nice. I'm working hard trying to stay with him, but by mid pool I'm falling out of his draft, and by the time he reaches the wall I'm well out of it. Holy crap. I've no idea what pace he's swimming at, but it's way faster than me. I ended up doing 10 x 100, then started to get sloppy. More kick drill and cool down.

Ended up swimming a little over an hour, and chatted with him a bit at the end. He's been out of it a while, and is trying to get back into his swim stroke again. I'd love it if my swim stroke ever got it together as much as his has "fallen apart". Sheesh. Then into the dive tank for another 15 minutes of core.

Yoga was good, though I was getting some odd clicks out of my knee. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing. Soft, quiet clicks. They did something called three limbed pose. I tried very briefly then did something else, very quickly. Three different people snored in Savasana. None of them were me, but they kept me awake.

I'm well over 3000 comments now, and that's in base 10, GQH. Thanks again to my readers, and commenters! Keep those cards and letters coming, folks.

 So it looks like Darryl is the big winner! Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. I met him fairly shortly after getting started at this, pretty sure it was at spin class. He can run circles around me, literally. We were doing a brick after a ride down RtN, and he didn't want to get lost in my neighbourhood. So he'd run ahead, come back, run behind me, then catchup, go ahead, and do it all again. Most recently he's posted pics of him and his wife dancing in front of their Christmas tree. Hi Lisa, long time no chat! Linda says hi.

He also said that since he had done multiple entries I could count the next person as the "real" winner. Well, that turns out to be Neil Z, he of the barefoot running and kind offer of some Gu for the winner. So I said to have some Gu on me. He's got lots of neat stuff on his page, so it's worth visiting. Wait till he runs a contest to follow him though since that's how you enter. That should be, oh, any minute now.


  1. I completely understand how you feel- I have never been able to stay in someone's draft (ok maybe once!).
    Hopefully I can get back to the pool soon... I wiL be sure to stay out of your way!!

  2. Ya, I wish I could even swim right now... I kind of feel like I could, but considering I have whiplash and my chiro (and training buddy who usually pushes me) says no... It's sad when my phone tells me I should head to the pool.

  3. I am excited to swim with you at the swim camp! We swim about the same speed, so we should really be able to push each other! We can be training partners! :) :)

  4. I hate it when the pool is so busy. It makes me anxious and persnickity! I usually sit in the hot tub and wait for it to thin out ;)

    You won't get to see me at spinning tonight, due to the one-car-family issue :( But I'll be back NEXT week!!

  5. I've only had swim in a lane with more then 4 people once, and it was no fun. I think I just have to get a lot faster so that I can actually swim in the fast lanes. Then maybe I won't be stuck with such a variety of speeds when the pool gets busy.


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