Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The old pool

Easy swim today, just an hour. Long warm up. Kick, pull, lots of backstroke, which seems to be getting better too. Worked hard on technique. Nearly flip turned into some jerk who got into the pool and was standing around with his thumb where the sun don't shine. I had really nowhere else to go, since my lane mate was there too. I surfaced, glared at him during my open turn and said "wrong place to be, pal" and pushed off again. Fortunately he was smart enough to swim in the next lane over. Don't these people look at at what's happening in a lane before getting in the water?

Then into the dive tank for 15 minutes water running. That felt pretty good on my knee.

Yoga. Took it easy on the knee. At least when the knee cap is moving around it doesn't feel like it's catching on something, like it was last week.


  1. Haha, good for you for telling that guy where to be! I would have just given him dirty looks, but never opened my mouth.
    Glad the knee is getting better!

  2. I never fully appreciated just how violent and invasive city pools could be. Until I was swimming in Victoria last year...OMG. It's like a gong show -- some people are just totally flipping idiots!!!

  3. Yay for water running. We should start a support group.


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