Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lotsa swimming, no crunches.

I was a bit of a slacker over Christmas, but I'm getting back on the wagon again here. Monday I met up with Richard at Canyon Meadows. I ended up swimming 2 hours doing lots of different stuff, including a drill where you always have to finish the 50 at the top of the clock, and every time you start one second later. That was fun. Lots of kick drill and other arm drill. After we went for coffee and a great chat.

Tuesday was an hour of swimming. I tried that same 50 m drill but this time looking at my watch to do it on the second. Coming back on the 12th one I didn't make the time. Went into the dive tank for a half hour of water running that felt really good.

Supposedly I was to have an ART/chiro session, but the office was closed. Maybe it's for tomorrow. My knee is feeling pretty good, though it was a bit achey during my walk today.

The slacker period ends tomorrow for core as well. I've been doing the leg exercises, but not the core workout. So much for 300 crunches every day for a month.

The pools have been quiet this week. Too quiet, as they say in the old Western movies. I fully expect a swarm of resolutionistas in the pool next week. Getting in the way. Swimming in the wrong lane. Taking up all the good lockers. Sigh.


  1. The pool was fairly quiet on my end too, I had a whole two lanes to myself for the majority of the swim.
    The resolutionists are almost upon us .. we have to enjoy the quiet before the storm!
    That one second drill sounds like alot of fun, I think I am going to ask coach to add that one in for one of my workouts!

  2. I was at Canyon Meadows again today. I think I saw your Mz Backstroke

  3. The entire month of December has been slow at the pool I go to. It's been heaven. I'm dreading January at the pool. I think there should be a mandatory session on lane swimming etiquette for resolutionists.


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